Five things to do this weekend

Kyra DeVoe, Staff Writer

While Bucknell students tend to love Bucknell, there always comes a time for every student when they feel the need to get off-campus. Leaving campus for a daytime or nighttime excursion can be rejuvenating, and only make your love for Bucknell grow stronger. Here are five things to do off-campus this weekend.

Watch a movie at AMC Selinsgrove 

The Lewisburg movie theater is near and dear to every Bucknell student’s hearts, but sometimes they do not offer all the movies students want to see. AMC Selinsgrove has a wide selection of films, making it worth the 20 minute drive. The movie theater is currently showing “Don’t Worry Darling,” “Top Gun: Maverick” and “Bullet Train,” just to name a few. This is a perfect activity for a Friday or Saturday night for students to take their mind off all the midterm tests and projects that were due this week. 

Take a hike at Dale’s Ridge

Dale’s Ridge is just a short drive from Bucknell’s campus, but this nature-filled hike will make students feel miles and miles away. The hike takes about an hour there and back. The hike is at an incline, so once hikers reach higher elevations they’ll witness views of the landscape from above. Hikes are a great way to reconnect with nature and yourself. “It’s nice to be out in nature and away from all the people. Take some time for yourself this weekend and spend some time in nature,” Senior Charlie Cameron said.

Go bowling at Imperial Lanes in Milton 

Bowling isn’t only a fun pastime, it’s also a sport. Exercise your arms and bring a few friends down to the lanes. A little friendly competition never hurt anybody. Imperial Lanes is a favorite of Bucknell students for many reasons. Bowling allows students to relieve stress, hang out with their friends off campus and overall just have a good time. When deciding what to do this weekend, don’t overlook the option of heading to Milton and hitting the Lanes.

Visit Community Aid in Selinsgrove

It’s no surprise that Bucknell students love to shop. Lewisburg is filled with cute boutiques and there’s always the bookstore. But after a couple months on campus you are probably looking for somewhere else to shop. Community Aid in Selinsgrove is a secondhand store filled with every type of clothing imaginable. Not only is Community Aid an exciting new place for students to explore, it’s also an environmentally conscious choice to shop there. Rather than continuously buying new clothes, buying clothes second-hand helps to curb the phenomenon of fast fashion. Fast fashion has disastrous effects on the environment, so before buying clothes from Shein or Boohoo, students should stop at Community Aid and see if there’s anything they may like. 

Get a coffee at Wagon Tail Coffee Co. 

Located in Allenwood, Pa., Wagon Tail started as a coffee shop out of the owner’s mobile trailer. In recent years, the coffee shop has done so well that they built their own permanent location and expanded their barista team. The coffee is to die for, and the breakfast food is just as delicious. The apple cider donuts are a perfect fall treat. Grab a couple friends on a Sunday morning, queue up a good playlist and head out to Allentown.

It’s clear that there’s more to do off campus than meets the eyes. This week, be brave and venture off the confines of Bucknell’s campus. Students will be pleasantly surprised.

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