Postgrad prep resources at Bucknell

Juliana Rodrigues, Special Features Co-Editor

Bucknell provides students with various different offices and events to rely on for support and help prepare them for their lives after graduation. 

A culmination of staff, alumni, student workers and volunteers work year round to provide guidance and aid in a multitude of areas. Highlighted are just some of the many free resources Bucknell makes available to students. Others include the Counseling Center, Office of Civic Engagement, Multicultural Student Services, the Library and Information Technology Desk and more.

Career Center

Located on the first floor of the Botany Building is the University’s Center for Career Advancement (CCA). The office’s intentions are written on the Bucknell website.

“The CCA aspires to cultivate a Bucknell community that empowers and inspires all students and graduates to pursue and achieve meaningful careers throughout their lifetime,” it reads. 

Students can use their Handshake account to make different types of appointments with the career center. Outside of drop in hours there are specific appointments for resumes, LinkedIn, cover letter review, internship or job searching, graduate school planning, pre-law and pre-health advising and more.

Connor Bennett ’24 shared his experience at the Career Center last year.

“Last year I was struggling to find an internship. I had no direction and didn’t know the proper ways to format my resume or even write a cover letter,” Bennett said. “I made an appointment at the career center and it helped me immensely. They edited my resume and helped me get on the right path for writing a cover letter. I then had the opportunity to intern this past summer for MedScape as a project manager. It was a great experience and I’m thankful to have had the tools from Bucknell to get me there. I also got a free headshot at the Career Fair that I still use for my LinkedIn now.”

Teaching and Learning Center

The Bucknell Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) works to help both students and staff on campus. Found in their description on the centers page on the Bucknell website it said they “provide resources and programming to develop thoughtful educators and successful learners.”

The TLC recruits students to lead their peer-facilitated study groups or tutor students individually for certain math and science courses. 

Regina Stieglitz ’23 worked for the TLC as a study group facilitator for calculus. Her group met twice a week during the semester to clarify course material and improve students skills.

“Leading a study group for students was an amazing experience,” she said. “I got to meet a lot of people and also improve my leadership and communication skills. It was rewarding to see the improvement of the students in the group throughout the course. I was able to help students while simultaneously improving my calculus skills with consistent review.”

Writing Center 

Carnegie Library, across from the Science Quad, is home to the Bucknell Writing Center. Open to students six days a week the center offers peer consultation to improve writing “through feedback and conversation to help clarify ideas.”

Students looking to have another set of eyes give feedback on a paper due for class can seek help at the Writing Center. 

A current consultant in the Writing Center, Hannah Egan ’23 shared her experience with us.

“While the writing center is open to all students with any writing assignment, we most often have appointments with first-years,” Egan said. “I’ve found that it‘s proven to be a really beneficial resource to help them acclimate to college level writing and these students often take the skills they learn during their session with them for future assignments.”

Women’s Resource Center

Gaining a new staff this semester the Women’s Resource Center is an office on campus that advocates and supports Bucknell staff and members. 

Their description explains that they follow a “feminist model of empowerment” to achieve three goals on campus.

“Promote women’s rights and self-determination, redress inequities, both historic and contemporary, based on sex, gender identity and expression, and sexual orientation, and celebrate the achievements and highlight the struggles of women the world over,” reads their website. 

They also explain that their objectives are to educate about gender, advocate for equity, celebrate the contributions of women and empower students and community members.

Working with the office of Diversity and Inclusion the center has put on events including Feminist Fridays and Women of Color Wednesdays. They promote many of their events and resources on their Instagram, @wrcbucknell.

Office of LGBTQ+ Resources

The office that can be found in room 302 of the Elaine Langone Center works to support the on campus Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer community. 

Every year in October for International Coming Out Day the office distributes shirts for students to wear and celebrate. They also work to publish a “Support List” in The Bucknellian of members of the Bucknell community who “self-identify as supporters of an individual’s right to be themselves and pledge to provide a supportive atmosphere for LGBTQ students.”

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