Breaking the Bubble (10/19/2022)

Bridgette Simpson, News Editor


The Girl Scouts of America received their largest ever donation from a single donor, totaling $84.5 million. MacKenzie Scott, the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos, will select 29 local councils where the donations will be allocated. The CEO of Girl Scouts of America, Sofia Chang, said the donations will greatly benefit and advance the organization’s efforts to foster leadership skills for the 2.5 million members worldwide.

On Oct. 18, two United States Air Force warplanes intercepted a pair of Russian bombers that were encroaching on Alaskan airspace. The two Russian planes, Tu-95 Bear-H bombers, were intercepted by two American F-16 fighter jets. Despite the Russian planes entering American airspace territory, they were not deemed a threat nor displayed hostile behavior. The activity, at the moment, is not considered “provocative” in any way.


Puerto Rico has suffered a blow of approximately $159 million worth of crops after Hurricane Fiona swept through the island. Apart from what experts have considered to be “historic flooding” as well as the hundreds of landslides caused by the hurricane, 90% of the country’s crops were demolished. There are severe concerns that farmers will not be able to recover from the environmental and financial damage the hurricane wreaked on the country.

Two climate activists threw cans of tomato soup onto Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic “Sunflowers” painting in London’s National Gallery. The protestors, members of Just Stop Oil, also glued themselves to the gallery wall in an effort to spread their message of combatting new British oil and gas projects. The painting is unharmed, though the painting’s frame is slightly damaged.

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