What to do at Bucknell during Fall ’22

Connor Bennett, Staff Writer

Dale’s Ridge Trail

The Dale’s Ridge Trail, located on the 137 acre Dale/Engle/Walker property, is said to be one of the most popular trail spots in Lewisburg. The hike provides a view of the Lewisburg landscape such as the Buffalo Creek, open fields and immense amounts of trees with leaves that at this time of year have begun to change color. 

The trail brings hikers 160 feet above the Buffalo Creek towards the end of the hike with an open overlook. With the trail being only two miles, it is branded for hikers of all skill levels and experience. Located less than ten minutes from Bucknell campus, Dale’s Ridge Trail is available for Bucknell students looking to be active in the fall. 

Lewisburg Farmers Market

The Lewisburg Farmers Market is open every Wednesday between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Over 100 local vendors attend and sell a variety of unique items. The market was started in 1937 and is now one of the longest standing markets in central Pennsylvania. The Fall season is a very popular time at the market due to all of the seasonal foods available. On Oct. 22, the market is having their annual Apple Harvest, an event that the market only features during the fall. 

A new addition by the market is a delivery option provided by many of the vendors. Students can capitalize on this opportunity if they are unable to get to the farmers market due to class. The market is particularly known for the local Amish fresh produce and dairy products which are a staple of central Pennsylvania history and culture. The market is located at 499 Fairground Rd, Lewisburg, Penn., and is stocked with various fresh and seasonal options for the Lewisburg community. 

Ard’s Farm 

Hay riding, pumpkin picking and corn mazes are common fall activities that one may be missing out on while away from home. Ard’s Farm allows for families and college students to experience all three. The farm is a great way for many to get into nature in a seasonal manner. 

Owen Rigney ’25 shared his experience at the Ard’s corn field. 

“Walking through the corn fields at Ard’s farm is a calming feeling like none other,” Rigney said. “The nature of walking through a dense sea of green makes time slow, leaving you with only your thoughts.” 

There is also a fresh market and restaurant located on the farm. The farm was founded on the goals of “providing quality food to the community in the most responsible way possible, and being good to people,” and they have been in business and upholding these goals for over thirty years, according to their website. They are a prime example of many of the small businesses in Lewisburg by providing great fall food and experiences. 

Stroll through the arts

From Oct. 15–22 over 50 local artists from the Susquehanna Valley region will be promoting and showcasing their artwork in downtown Lewisburg. Many of the artists will have meet and greets where they will answer any questions about their art. There will also be a very wide variety of art present. Ceramics, fiber arts, woodwork, watercolors, oils and acrylics are just some of the different types of art present at the stroll. Even edible art will be available to be tried at the stroll. This year the event is only happening this fall season and is a way to experience art up close and in person. 

Rail Trail

Since its opening in 2011, the Rail Trail has been the home to many outdoor activities such as biking, incline skating, mountain biking and more. The 10.28 mile trial starts at Market Street in Lewisburg and ends on North Tenth street in Mifflinburg. Walking distance from Bucknell’s campus, both athletic teams and students often make use of the asphalt trail. 

“My favorite way to clear my head after a day of academics or to just get some exercise in the crisp autumn air is to take a run on the rail trail.” Jack Romano ’23, a frequent runner, said.

He said his typical route starts behind the Miller Center, where a few mile job “immerses me in the picturesque farmland of Lewisburg lined with the comforting colors of fall.”

He continued, “the terrain is smooth and conducive to a tranquil walk, run, or bike if that’s what you desire, but also ideal for when I am seeking a place to exercise with my friends in a more social atmosphere.”

Everyone that Romano has met on the trail has become a friendly face, he said. 

This experience seems to be shared amongst many Bucknellians on the rail trail in the fall and demonstrates how the trail unites the Lewisburg and Bucknell communities.

Halloween Slow Roll

At the Rail Trail on Market Street a Halloween bike Slow Roll will happen on Oct. 29. A “Slow Roll” is an inclusive community bike around Lewisburg Town. The event is very informal and welcome to all. Costumes are encouraged and it is a way to get out on a bike in the cool fall weather. Slow Rolls occur every Thursday at 6 p.m. at the same spot on Market Street and will continue throughout the rest of fall. 


Northhill Apple Orchard

Apple picking at the nearby Northhill Apple Orchard is a very popular activity for Lewisburg residents. The 100 plus acre farm provides plenty of ripe apples and fresh fruits to be picked. For students who are able to drive or get a ride the orchard is just under a 20 minute drive from campus. With no orchards for apple picking in Lewisburg this next closest option can keep fall traditions alive for students while they are here on Bucknell’s campus.

“ I look forward to going Apple picking every year as it signifies that fall is among us.” John Baber ’23 said. “It is also a great way to spend valuable time with friends and family.”

Yellow apples are the specialty of the Orchard during October. The Orchard also provides four apple picking bags so customers can pick plenty. The hours of the Orchard are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and it is located in Winfield.

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