Fall fashion at Bucknell

Ana Eckert, Contributing Writer

The air is cold and the pumpkin spice lattes are hot: It is officially fall at Bucknell University.

If you’re from out of state, I recommend enjoying the chill. It is about to get colder, snowy and frankly, uglier. But for now, the leaves are turning, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and everyone has dusted off their sweaters. 

Fall is my favorite time of year and that is mainly because of Virgo season and because of the fashion! A new fashion season is so exciting because you get to rediscover all your favorite pieces for the new weather. I live for the boots, the sweaters and the suede. So, let’s take a look at what the campus is wearing and how to pumpkin-spice up your wardrobe for fall!

First and foremost — it’s hoodie season. The Bucknell sweatshirt is an instant staple for class, the caf or a coffee run. You really cannot go wrong with your favorite pair of blue jeans, a hoodie and a chucky sneaker to stay warm and casually cool around campus.

I think we’ll also see the flared legging coming back for the fall and they make great casual outfits when paired with sweatshirts or sweaters. My favorite thing this season is cropped sweaters! A cropped sweater, flared legging and sneakers would be a fantastic and easy way to elevate your everyday wear. 

And while we’re on sweaters, be sure to throw one on with a cute skirt before it gets too cold. Nothing says dark academia like pleats and plaid and we’re seeing a lot of people lean into that Gilmore Girls/Gossip Girl vibe with their skirts this season. I for one, will be wearing skirts and sweaters all season long, it is basically my uniform.

Chunky knits are phasing out a bit I think in favor of a more cropped, stylized knit and I would recommend taking advantage of your turtlenecks. These have definitely made a comeback in recent years, but I think they are a timeless staple for everyone’s closet. Just be careful with how you style them unless you want to look like that one picture of the rock. Honestly though, that look is iconic, so I say go for it. Turtlenecks are also a great opportunity to show off your jewelry on solid canvas and I think we’ll be seeing a lot of pearl chokers peeking out from folded-over necklines. 

Before we get to outerwear, I do want to touch on the real queen of college fall fashion- the flannel. Flannels are always in, always cozy and always cute. You cannot go wrong with a little crop top and an oversized flannel thrown on over. Button it up and tie it off for the classic Christian-Girl Autumn look.

And of course, you can put it on over a gray hoodie. Now you should be dressing for yourself but in case you were interested, the quickest way to my heart in the fall is a flannel over a hoodie and hot cup of tea. American Eagle has brought back the flannel-hoodie in both their Men’s and Women’s line and I would go as far to say it is a must-have for this season. 

Speaking of must-haves, it is only going to get colder so now is the time to talk mom into buying you a new jacket. Blazers have been all over the high street and Instagram and I, quite frankly, hate them. Personally, I think they’re a bit boring, not very warm and impossible to feel cozy in.

But if that’s what keeps you warm this autumn, go for it. I think sherpas and teddy-coats are still adorable and the bomber jacket, though it has faded out of recent trends, is definitely a great option. Particularly after the success of Top Gun: Maverick this summer, you, your bomber and your sunglasses are going to have to beat the secret admirers off with a stick.

The important thing to remember is that you’re going to look the best in what makes you feel the best. For me, that means freezing my legs off in a mini skirt, ankle boots and oversized sweater. I’m quite excited to see what that means for you. Stay warm!

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