Breaking the Bubble (10/26/2022)

Bridgette Simpson, News Editor


A 19-year-old gunman killed a student, Alexandria Bell, and a teacher, Jean Kuczka, in St. Louis on Oct. 24. The gunman, Orlando Harris, who was an alumnus of the high school, died in the hospital after an altercation with the police. This tragedy is the 67th school shooting in the United States in 2022. 

A 5.1 magnitude earthquake hit near San Jose, Calif. on Oct. 25. The earthquake was a little over four miles deep, and more than 100,000 people received an emergency alert around two seconds after the earthquake hit. There was another earthquake a few hours later, around the same depth, but scientists say aftershocks following an earthquake of this size are natural. 


Brittney Griner’s appeal was denied by a Russian court after she was sentenced to nine years in prison. Her lawyers argued that her sentencing was especially harsh, given that the average sentence length for this crime was usually about five years, with approximately a third granted parole. U.S. government officials have not shared specifics, but vow that they are working closely with Russia to negotiate her release. 

Cuba saw its first married gay couples after legalizing gay marriage three weeks ago. They are the ninth Latin American country to do so, and 66.85 percent of Cubans voted to legalize it, and they follow Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Colombia. A portion of the population who did not vote or voted against the law were LGBTQ activists, who explained that they felt they should not have to vote in favor of something that is a human right.

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