President John Bravman has his contract extended


Emily Paine

Photo Courtesy of Emily Paine.

Juliana Rodrigues, Special Features Co-Editor

The Bucknell University Board of Trustees chose to extend President John Bravman’s contract for the third time last week. 

Previously revised in 2018, the contract was in place to expire in 2025 but has been extended three more years until 2028. 

“The length of John’s tenure reflects the confidence and trust the Board of Trustees has in him to continue his exceptional leadership of the University,” Bucknell graduate and University Board Chair Chris O’Brien ’80, said in a statement. 

Bravman, who was previously a professor of electrical engineering at Bucknell, completed his Bachelor’s Degree at Stanford University followed also by his Master’s and doctoral degrees in material sciences and engineering.

As the seventeenth president of the University, Bravman has brought about many changes to the Bucknell campus in the past twelve years. Among many different renovation projects, there have been three new academic buildings along with additional dining and housing: Holmes Hall, Academic West, Academic East, South Campus Apartments and MacDonald Commons that have transformed the uphill sector of campus. 

Bravman took steps to involve himself in improving the relationship between Bucknell and the surrounding Lewisburg community.

This includes his work as chairman of the Geisinger Health Board of Directors for the past six years and the many renovations Bucknell has performed in downtown Lewisburg. Renovations during his tenure include the Campus Theater, the Post Office Building, the DeWitt Building, Small Business Development Center and the downtown Samek Art Museum.

Upon the extension of his contract, Bravman has shared his gratitude and excitement. 

“It is truly an honor and privilege to continue serving Bucknell as its president, and I am thankful for both the Board’s continued confidence in me and the extraordinarily talented students, faculty and staff who make this such a special place,” Bravman said. “I look forward to working with both the Board and the campus community on our strategic goals, which will further strengthen Bucknell’s place among leaders in higher education.”

Navigating the university through the COVID-19 pandemic, Bravman worked to provide students with the opportunity for in person instruction. 

“Bravman does an incredible job listening to student concerns, and I’m grateful for the role he played in allowing students to remain on campus during the pandemic,” Claire Doyle ’24 said.

Doyle continued, “I’m personally very excited about President Bravman’s contract extending. Since my start at Bucknell in Fall 2020, President Bravman has succeeded the school in more ways than one.”

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