Bucknell student accused of videotaping others in restroom


Maddie Hamilton, Photography Editor / The Bucknellian

Jaxon White, Editor-in-Chief

This story was updated on 11/01/2022  at 9:45 p.m. to include information from official court documents and a report from the Daily Item. 


Bucknell Public Safety has charged a student with misdemeanor invasion of privacy for allegedly video recording other students in the Uptown men’s restroom.

Matthew Nowell, a senior electrical engineering student from White House Station, N.J., is accused of using hidden cameras in the restroom to video record other students for over a year, according to Lewisburg District Judge Jeffery Rowe’s office. 

Official court documents revealed that 363 students were shown on video using the urinal and exposing themselves.

Bucknell University President John Bravman addressed the student body on Tuesday in an email, confirming Bucknell filed charges against a student, but did not mention Nowell by name. Bravman said the equipment is believed to have been in use since January 2021. 

“The University has already taken immediate and significant actions,” Bravman said, in his email. “Public Safety inspected all public campus restrooms to locate any additional hidden devices and none were found. Routine inspection of public campus restrooms for hidden devices will continue.”

Bravman said that forensics run on the phone show that no files were shared with third parties. 

Nowell was working as the General Manager at the Uptown since 2021, but prior to that position he worked as the Technical Manager of the student-run nightclub, according to his LinkedIn profile. He also worked as a technical assistant for the Department of Theatre and Dance at the University. 

According to a report from the Daily Item, Bucknell Public Safety was notified by a New Jersey detective that Nowell was being investigated for allegedly possessing child pornography. University officers were also notified that some of the videos they had found showed individuals in what appeared to be a public restroom.

Officers then searched the bathroom area of Uptown, where they found two hidden cameras, the Daily Item reported.

Bravman said that the student is “no longer permitted on campus,” and that anyone who thinks they could have been recorded should call the hotline — 570-777-2222 — listed in his email. The University is also offering counseling services for members of the community who request it.

Bucknell Chief of Public Safety Anthony Morgan denied a request for comment.

The security and safety of our campus is of the utmost importance. I am deeply disturbed by the actions of the suspect, and emphasize that Bucknell is fully committed to protecting the privacy and well-being of our community,” Bravman’s email. 

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