Breaking the Bubble (11/04/2022)

Bridgette Simpson, News Editor


John Fetterman, the Democratic candidate for the Pennsylvania Senate race, is one point ahead of opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, the Republican candidate. However, poll results conducted by Muhlenberg College and Morning Call suggest that the results are virtually at a tie. In addition, Governor Democratic candidate Josh Shapiro is currently ahead of Republican candidate Doug Mastriano by 14 points, and 53 percent of likely Pennsylvania voters disapprove of Biden’s performance, which is relatively similar to results found in September. 

Kansas Hall of Fame coach Bill Self and his assistant Kurtis Townsend were suspended for the first four games of the season due to an FBI investigation into corruption in college basketball recruitment strategies. Several changes will be made beginning this season due to Kansas’ involvement in fundraising and boosting efforts to sway players to attend KU, including reducing the total number of official visits, permissible recruiting days, and number of scholarships available. 


Europe recorded their hottest summer in history, with temperatures hitting an average of 0.4 degrees Celsius higher than in the past. The United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization released data that show Europe has experienced warming twice as severe as the global average. The rest of the world has increased by approximately 0.18 degrees Celsius since 1991, while Europe has increased by approximately 0.5 degrees Celsius. 

On Saturday night, a Halloween celebration in Seoul, South Korea killed 156 people; thousands of people were packed into an alley no more than 13 feet wide, resulting in people being suffocated and crushed. About 130 more people were injured, and the city has been closed down for a week as a period of nationwide mourning. 

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