BSG hosts Caf sit event for seniors in memory of first year tradition


Sienna Williams / The Bucknellian

Riley King, Contributing Writer

An event dubbed the “Senior Caf Sit” was hosted in the Bostwick Dining Hall for the class of 2023 on Nov. 8.

Prior to Covid-19, the dining hall was open until 1 a.m. and had breakfast sandwiches and late-night snacks available anytime after 10 p.m. The senior class is the only grade currently at Bucknell that experienced these late-night dining hours. 

This event was conceived by seniors Andrew Finegan, Taylor Armstrong and Nabeel Jan. 

Andrew Finegan (2023 VP), Taylor Armstrong (2023 Secretary/Treasurer), and I were looking into what we could do for our fall unity event, which is a BSG-sponsored event that helps each class year bond as a whole outside of any groups or affiliations they have on campus,” Jan, the senior class president, wrote in a class-wide email. “We remembered how as first-years we had late-night breakfast sandwiches at the caf and contacted Angie Cimino from dining services to begin planning potential dates and to get a rough estimate on costs.” 

Katie Miller ’23 attended the Senior Caf Sit and shared her thoughts on the experience.

“The senior caf sit was one of my favorite events that Bucknell has hosted,” Miller said. “The cafe freshman year is where I met so many people in my grade. To me, freshman year was a safe space where I knew the majority of the people there were freshmen, so I felt comfortable going up to a table and introducing myself.”

Miller added, “it was so special to all be back there together as a grade and I am so grateful for Nabeel and everyone who helped organize this event. I would love to see more of these events occur throughout the year as I think it was a great reunion for hallmates, classmates, and the entire grade.” 

“This event meant a lot to us because it brought a large group of seniors together into one space that they hadn’t shared since the Fall of 2019 and Winter of 2020,” Jan said. “Since our first year was cut short, we were never really able to say goodbye to the caf and that space, and this was a great opportunity to do just that. It was really heartwarming to see the big turnout, and even better to see seniors sitting with their friends from 4 years ago.”

Jan added, “we want to thank Angie and the Cafeteria team for their incredible work, and I’d really like to highlight how much work Taylor in particular did for this event.” 

The Senior Caf Sit was a memorable experience for all in attendance and an ode to a freshman year cut short.

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