Bucknell Football comes back to defeat Georgetown in overtime

Madison Rehak, Staff Writer

This past Saturday, the Bison matched up against Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. It was a very intense game for the Orange and Blue. The first quarter consisted of Georgetown starting off with seven points on the board with a touchdown. 

The Bison remained scoreless in this quarter but rallied to put points on the board as freshman Matt Schearer ’26 made a 50-yard field goal for the Bison. This was the longest field goal made by a Bison since 1981. 

Trailing behind the Hoyas, 7-3 at the start of the half, the Bison had to come back to win. The Hoyas came out early with a touchdown pass increasing their lead by 11 points ahead of the Bison. 

The Orange and Blue quickly returned a touchdown of their own from Coleman Bennett ’24 with a reception from the seven-yard line from kickoff and ran the ball into the Hoyas’ end zone. 

The Hoyas came back and fired another touchdown after the Bison made theirs, however, this would be the last points they put up in the game. 

Schearer capitalized on yet another field goal at 30-yards, giving the Bison three extra points. At this point, the score was 21-13 with Bucknell trailing. 

With only 47 seconds left in regulation Bennett made another 10-yard rush touchdown for the bison and Nick Semptimphelter ’24 found Josh Gary ’26 for a two point conversion. Evening the score with the Hoyas. Bucknell put the game into overtime. 

Shortly into the overtime, Schearer put the Bison over the Hoyas with a three-point, 42-yard field goal, securing the Bison’s first overtime victory since 2017. 

Bucknell put up 292 offensive yards, 198 of which were Semptimphelter on completing 21 of 33 passing yards, which surpassed his personal career high. 

Marques Owens ’25 made four receptions for 60 yards and Damian Harris ’24 made four passes for 53 yards. Gavin Pringle ’23 made a game winning interception, holding the Hoyas off from scoring again, securing the win for the Bison. 

“I think just having a never give up mentality helped us turnaround the outcome of the game,” Bennett said. “We were behind in our previous win against Lehigh, so we knew what we had to do to get the win. We believed from the time the game started that we could win and that’s what we did. We had also been in overtime before against Towson and didn’t get the outcome we wanted. We prepared a lot throughout the season to be able to come out victorious the next time we had to go to overtime.”

The Bison will play their last game of the season against Marist at home, this Saturday. You can watch the game on ESPN+ and keep up with the live statistics on the Bucknell Athletics webpage. 

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