Creative Writing Club holds mixer for creative clubs

Bridgette Simpson, News Editor

The Creative Writing Club held a mixer for several different writing and creative clubs at Uptown earlier this month, in order to foster connections between people and organizations that may not have overlapped otherwise.

Approximately 30 people were in attendance, and each club gave a short elevator speech to promote their literary club. All creative writing students were alerted by email regarding the event, and the Creative Writing Club promoted it extensively on social media outlets. 

Clubs in attendance included the Creative Writing Club, Writers of Rohan, the Film Club, the Bucknellian, the Writing Center and the Bucknell Book Swap.

Spirits were high at the event, where music was playing and food and beverages were provided for all in attendance. Aaron Chin ’25, president of the Creative Writing Club, said his hopeful expectations were exceeded by the event. 

“My favorite part was just seeing everybody coming together and having a good time,” Chin said. “It was so great to see everyone support each other and to be so enthusiastic about writing and literature. As president, I don’t think it could have gone any better.”

Chin shared that the planning for the event was much more simple than he had anticipated; the event did not require much organization apart from budget approval, making it a strong candidate for an annual event due to the ease of hosting.

The Creative Writing Club is looking forward to hosting more social events throughout the semester and year in general; they held a meeting at the Seventh Street Café on Nov. 29, which was partially influenced by the success of the mixer. 

Chin also cited the importance of further fostering alliances between creative and writing organizations on campus in order to maintain a strong creative community for all students. 

“I think it’s really important for writers and artists, in general, to interact with each other across disciplines. I think that community is very important for the arts, as we should always work to support one another and not bring each other down,” Chin said. “With art, we should always work to raise each other’s voices rather than to drown anybody out. Interaction, talking to others, and building relationships, building a community, is the best way that we can do this.”

The Creative Writing Club aimed to support and promote literary citizenship and community by heightening awareness of clubs’ presence on campus, and the event served as a manner by which to appreciate the arts and stimulate creative conversation. 

“It meant a lot to see so many people show up and support the writing community on campus,” Chin said. 

Georgie Roache ’25, an attendee of the event, shared her thoughts on the mixer.

“I appreciated the chance to hear from the various writing clubs on campus, and I hope that people feel as encouraged to get involved in the literary community as I do going forward,” Roache said. 

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