Not so thankful about finals work during Thanksgiving Break

Harley Marks, Opinions Co-Editor

If you are a frequent Bucknellian reader, the title of this piece may seem familiar to you. I am back, one month later, with a follow-up to my previous article, “Dear Professors, Fall Break is Not For Homework.”

Unfortunately, it seems that not many changes have been made on professors’ parts to quell their students’ anxieties surrounding assignments. While of course we are expected to complete all of our assignments to the best of our ability (we are in college after all), our breaks are designed for time off.

I was hesitant to write my article on homework during Fall break because the break is so short; it is essentially just a long weekend. But after experiencing the academic pressures that I did this past Thanksgiving break, I am validated in my feelings on this injustice. 

While none of my end-of-semester papers or projects were technically due over the Thanksgiving break, they were due within a few days of our return to campus. In addition, the majority of students’ final papers (from what I’ve heard and experienced myself) are due the week before finals begin. 

This leaves students with a choice: do I sacrifice downtime with my family to get ahead on work, or do I leave all of my assignments to complete within just a few days upon my arrival to school?

This is not a fair choice to make. To reiterate, breaks are designed for relaxation and tranquility. However, Thanksgiving break specifically is meant for much more than that. Thanksgiving break is reserved for friends and family.

When we receive four emails in a row from professors about reminders, clarifications, and modifications on their assignments, the good vibes of break, so to speak, are completely tarnished. 

Students are already fatigued. And by the end of the semester, they are at their breaking point. Being contacted by professors at a time separate from school is simply inappropriate. Please just let us reserve our stress for when we are on campus. 

There is unfortunately not much more to say on this topic without this turning into a completely unproductive rant. However, this is my second call-to-action for professors to reconsider before you send out a class email during break.

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