Bucknell Student Government elections are decided

Anthony Rotelle, Contributing Writer

Bucknell Student Government elections concluded on Nov. 18, and three students were elected.

Sam Douds ‘25 won his election for the executive board, while Isa Segura-Suarez ‘25 and Lena DiFazio ‘24 both won their uncontested positions. Segura-Suarez won the position of vice-president of operations and DiFazio won the position of vice-president of administration.

Douds said he is excited to begin working with the administration on pressing issues and to begin making a positive change at Bucknell University. He is also eager to begin making changes on the BSG side of things, while also maintaining the work of the previous two presidents.

Douds said he is ready to make changes where Bucknellians need it, and tackle problems like a lack of mental health resources and food insecurity, to name a few.

“Holding the office of President will make me a more engaged and active member of the Bucknell community,” Douds said, when asked about how this would improve his Bucknell experience. “However ultimately, running for President was never really about enhancing my Bucknell experience. Running for President was and is about accomplishing the things that we set out to accomplish. This means making the changes that many Bucknellians wish for into a reality. The job will certainly make me busier, but I ran to make a difference and progress requires hard work. I am ready and excited for the challenge.”

DiFazio has an agenda with three things on it, increased transparency, implementing a campus-wide SharePoint and finally dedicating more resources to public speaking.

SharePoint is a program that would allow students to comment on any minor or major changes they would like to see on campus. Lena said she has been a part of many different Bucknell organizations and wanted to continue to be involved, which is why she ran.

With this new position, she hopes to enhance her Bucknell experience, as well as every student of the student body.

“I am extremely excited to be part of a strong team filled with countless ideas, and represent every student’s voice on campus,” DiFazio said, when asked what she was most excited about, regarding her new position. “I look forward to problem-solving and planning ways to holistically better our campus and strengthen our community, as transparently as possible.”

She continued, “Students should not feel their voices won’t be heard and change would not be possible, nor that the gap between the students and administration is too immense. The only way action can be taken effectively and timely, is if all voices contribute to the process, not just ours of BSG.”

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