22 things that happened in 2022


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1. Pete Davidson

Starting off the semester in January students packed into Sojka Pavilion for the moderated Q&A with Pete Davidson. At the time Pete was still a cast member of SNL and rumors had just started circulating about his relationship with Kim Kardashian. It is more than likely that he was texting a Kardashian from the Bucknell Wi-Fi. The Lectureship committee is who students can thank for Pete’s Bucknell appearance.

2. Downtown Party Ban

With work hard play hard as a common motto for students at Bucknell, many weekly routines were disrupted by the Lewisburg social gathering ban. The town announced the regulation on January 10th and it was lifted about a month later on Feb. 7. While students understand and must respect the precautions that had to be taken to keep the Lewisburg community safe, it was most definitely a hot topic of news for students during the first semester of 2022.

3. Smoothie Station at Bostwick

Undergoing many renovations throughout 2022 the addition of the smoothie station has been popular among first year students and others that keep up with the swipe meal plans. Being able to customize the type of fruit, yogurt, juice or milk for a smoothie alone is worth the swipe. 

4. BSU Annual Black Arts Festival

The Black Student Union presented their annual Black Arts Festival. The fashion show took place on Friday Feb. 18 followed by the Stomp Out Classic on Saturday Feb. 19. Their theme for the year was “Back to Black” and their focus was to show and get back to where everything started.

5. Bucknell’s got talent

The one time Bucknell Students were able to watch Brent Papson perform stand up comedy was in Feb. at Bucknell’s got talent. Taking place in the Harvey Powers Theatre the show featured talents of various students.

6. Bison Sound

The Bison Sound Music Festival took place in April. With food trucks, inflatables, a beer garden and more students came to be entertained by various student performers.

7. Bizpitch

After being a virtual livestream in 2021 the Bucknell Bizpitch competition was switched back in person in April of 2022. With $7,000 worth of prizes each of the five finalists were able to take home an award. Bringing in many students to the Terrace room to watch the competition resembled a Shark Tank episode on Bucknell’s campus. Olivia DeNicola ’22 won first place for her business idea Crunch.

8. Jack Harlow

For their spring performance the Concert Committee brought Jack Harlow to campus in late April. After gaining fame on Tik Tok in 2020 and his song “First Class” blowing up just two weeks before his Bucknell performance students were more than excited. The Fieldhouse was filled that Friday night. 

9. Bingo Blingo

A campus wide event that is popular and competitive amongst Bucknell students is the CAP center’s infamous Bingo Blingo. The 2022 occurrences of Bingo Blingo took place in both January and August and had prizes ranging from TVs and iPads to Bucknell gear and Keurigs.

10. Commencement on the quad

Commencement for the class of 2021 did not look like most years. Adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic the ceremony was moved to the Christy Mathewson Memorial Stadium and was split into three separate groups of students. This past May commencement for the class of 2022 returned to its typical location on the quad and honored all students at the same time.

11. Freez Closing

Although not located on Bucknell’s campus, students and staff mourned the loss of a beloved local ice cream spot. With lines across the parking lot on the days leading up to its closing customers were willing to wait for their last Freez purchase.

12. In person sorority recruitment

Covid affecting many organizations and practices on campus. For Greek Life recruitment that takes place in September each year was back in person for sororities after completely virtual rounds in 2021. Academic West and Coleman classrooms were filled with the hundreds of students preparing for and participating in the sorority recruitment process. 

13. Return of the Flyson

Another campus favorite that took a hiatus during the pandemic was Flyson. The food truck centered around selling late night snacks flew again for the first time this past September. The late night hours of the Truck on Fridays and Saturdays produced long lines of students through the duration of the fall semester.

14. Swae Lee

In August for Bucknell Refresh the CAP center brought Swae Lee to campus. With twelve food trucks on the Sojka Lawn and other activities of students the CAP center exceeded expectations per usual for the events they advertise and put on.

15. Condoleezza Rice

The 2022-23 Bucknell Forum had two speakers during the fall semester. With “The State of American Democracy” students came to hear Dr. Condoleezza Rice speak via zoom. President John Bravman moderated the conversation in the Weis Center for Performing Arts. Dr. Rice spoke on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the tensions that were arising.

16. Fall Fest

One of the only times a ferris wheel can be spotted on Bucknell’s campus is during the CAP center’s Fall Fest on the Sojka Lawn. Also featuring games, food, other carnival rides, student performers and more the event attracts students from every year.

17. Soccer Patriot League Championship

For the second year in a row the Women’s Soccer team brought back to campus the title of Patriot League champions. On Nov. 6 the team beat Army West Point in penalty kicks during the final game.

18. Trevina

A new popular spot for students – mainly those over the age of 21 – is the downtown restaurant Trevina. Featuring a beer wall and self serve wine the restaurant is well decorated and now a popular Lewisburg spot. 

19. Bravman contract extension

President John Bravman has served in his position at Bucknell for the past twelve years. In October his contract was renewed, extending it for another three years. The contract is now set until 2028.

20. Take Back the Night

Organized by SpeakUP on campus they hosted their annual Take Back the Night in October during “No More Month” the organization had many events on campus to show support and raise awareness for domestic violence.

21. Jake Tapper

On Nov. 30 the CNN anchor and chief Washington correspondent Jake Tapper spoke live on campus for Bucknell Students as a part of the Bucknell Forum. The discussion was moderated by President John Bravman and took place in the Weis Center for the Performing Arts. The 2022 midterm election, conspiracy theories and Donald Trump were all topics touched on in Tapper’s talk.

22. Mods being knocked down

Originally installed as temporary housing, the Bucknell West Mods lasted for more than 50 years. During the fall semester it was announced that they would be knocked down and new construction of apartment buildings would begin over winter break. With half of the mods now gone, many students – most likely those who did not deal with mold – mourned over the beloved form of on campus housing.


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