It's never too cold for a Freez

By Michelle Joline

Arts & Life Editor

Fall is considered to be one of the prettiest times on campus, but there is one thing to dread during this colorful and blissful time of year: the closing of the Lewisburg Freez. The Freez season only lasts from March through September, so what can we do on an Indian summer day in October? It is understandable to think that winter is not prime ice cream eating season, but considering the complaints from students, it does not seem that a bit of snow would get in the way of a classic Freez.

Walking to the small building located on Route 15 has been a campus tradition since its arrival in Lewisburg. The brand came under new ownership in 1991, and now has 31 flavors and counting. There are other options, like banana splits and smoothies, but it seems that the classic Freez is still the favorite.

The question is, how can University students persuade our friendly Lewisburg Freez owners to come back a little early this year? Maybe even a few months early? At the moment, all we can do is cross our fingers that the ice cream gods are listening, because this Lewisburg establishment has closed its doors until next March.

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