The rise of the New York Knicks

Kaylee Donnelly, Senior Writer

This NBA season, an unlikely contender has entered the conversation. After many years of struggle, as most fans know, the New York Knicks have finally reentered the competition, posting a winning season record and putting up a six-game winning streak. 

This past week, the Knicks pushed out a win against the Boston Celtics, who held the top spot in the East prior to this game. It wasn’t even fairly tight, as the Celtics failed to lead the Knicks at any point in the game. Even more, New York did not even let them come within eight points. In the end, the Knicks closed out with a 109-94 victory. 

This game marked their sixth-consecutive win. It puts them at 36-27, fifth place in the Eastern Conference, and two back in the loss column from fourth. The Knicks are also averaging 120 points, shooting 38 percent from three-point distance within this winning streak. This winning streak is a part of a larger trend of victory, as the Knicks have won eight of their last nine games.

Perhaps what also may be important is the Knicks’ acquisition of shooting guard and small forward Josh Hart. Since the team took Hart under their wing six games ago, they have not lost. 

In addition to Hart’s contribution, center Mitchell Robinson, who just four days before the match returned to play, performed rather impressively for his first game on the court in a while. Julius Randle and Immanuel Quickley each scored 23 points, while Jalen Brunson put up 16. 

For the Celtics, on paper, this should’ve been a game to win. While the Knicks have been good for a couple of months, the Celtics, in the number one spot and following an impressive season, should have led. Boston struggled to stay out of foul trouble and were on the receiving end of a couple bad calls, ultimately shooting 14 free throws to the Knicks’ 34. 

This loss puts Boston into a tie for the top spot in the East with the Milwaukee Bucks. The Knicks, however, continue to be on the rise since early December. In their past 40 games, the New York Knicks have gone 26-14. 

The next games for the Knicks will be exciting for the team. Hoping to maintain their winning streak, the Knicks will face the Brooklyn Nets and Miami Heat before heading to Boston to face the Celtics once again. 

After Hart’s contributions to the team, and some all-star players like Brunson and Randle coming up big in the previous game, the New York Knicks will be an exciting team to follow for the rest of this NBA season.

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