IC4A and ECAC Championships for Women’s and Men’s Track and Field

Tallulah Fuhs, Contributing Writer

Coming off of great success in the Patriot League Championships, the Women’s and Men’s Track and Field teams returned to compete in the IC4A and ECAC Championships.

Meghan Quinn ’24, after her incredible victories in the Patriot League Championships last weekend, continued her success by setting the Bucknell record in the 200-meter dash. With a time of 24.14, Quinn finished fourth in the preliminaries. 

Junior Siobhan O’Sullivan, won the meet in the women’s shot put, with a distance of 46-10.25.

Continuing on in the first day, Quinn, Katherine Lowe ’25, Jessie Castellano ’23 and Bridget Lalonde ’23 completed the 4×400-meter relay with a time of 3:43.00, earning them first in the preliminaries. 

Castellano and Lalonde competed in the 400-meter dash. Castellano placed fourth in Bucknell history and 17 in the preliminaries (56.05), and Lalonde finished in front of her with a time of 55.47. 

Alison Cooke ’26 placed 23 in the preliminaries in the same event, and also grabbed seventh in Bucknell history. 

Loew, continuing to make history, placed third in the 500-meter dash with a time of 1:14.65, clenching the fourth spot in Bucknell record books. 

Hailey Tabar ’24, Lauren Shaffer ’26, Meredith Haberfield ’23 and Eva Lindner ’24 finished the 4×800-Meter Relay in 9:19.23, ranking eighth and qualifying for the finals. 

Olivia Boyce ’24 and Abby Kates ’24 jumped a 5-03.00 in the High Jump, pushing the Bison on for more triumph. 

Ending the day off, Senior Kate Amaddio finished ninth in the 5000-Meter Run (17:31.59). 

Starting the next day off strong for the Bison Women, Quinn broke the Bucknell record again in the 200-Meter Dash Mark with a time of 24.03, placing fifth overall and beating the old time by 0.34 seconds. 

Lalonde followed Quinn’s success with her run in the 400-Meter Dash. Lalonde, with a time of 54.75, placed third overall and now holds first in the Bucknell record books. 

Loew, running off of some steam from yesterday, finished third in the 500-Meter Dash (1:14.24) and third all-time in Bucknell history for the event. 

Quinn, Lalonde, Loew and Castellano finished second in the 4×400-Meter Relay, breaking the Bucknell record by 2.12 seconds. 

Cooke, Caryn Rippey ’26, Anna Posh ’25 and Ally Clarke ’24 clinched fourth place in the Distance Medley Relay with a time of 11:45.51, inserting them into the Bucknell record books in seventh place. 

Tabar, Haberfield, Lindner and Mariana Engleby ’24 also claimed fourth place in the 4×800-Meter Relay (9:06.80). 

Overall, the Bison women had a phenomenal weekend at the ECAC Championships. Many individuals had outstanding performances, making their names known in Bucknell’s history. These women finished third, with 44.5 points, out of 43 teams present. 

The Bucknell Men competed at a high level at the IC4A Championships. 

Zachary Jelinek ’26, ending his great season on a high, finished seventh in the preliminaries of the 800-Meter Run (1:51.41). This performance also landed Jelinek in the fifth spot in the Bucknell record book. 

Tristan An ’25 ended the day off for the men with a jump of 6-03.25 in the High Jump, finishing in eleventh. 

The next day, Jelinek placed eighth in the 800-Meter Run with a time of 1:53.75, earning a point for the Bison. 

Christian Cadmus ’24, Rayven Sample ’24, Alex Simpson ’24 and Samuel Whittaker ’23, in the Distance Medley Relay, placed fourth with a time of 9:53.2. They accomplished this while also taking the third place spot in Bucknell history for their event. 

Franco Perinotti ’23, persistently showing his skills through his success, cleared 15-01.00 in Pole Vault. This led Perinotti to finish in seventh place, earning the Bison one-and-a-half points. 

Jelinek, Cadmus, Sample, Simpson, Whittaker and Perinotti, earned All-East honors due to their incredible performances. 

Lastly, Wade Shomper ’26 finished tenth in the Shot Put with a toss of 50-09.25. 

The Bison men performed very well in a very competitive environment, earning multiple top-10 placements and All-East honors. We are excited to see how they grow and compete in the season to come. 

Both the Bison women and men had outstanding performances at the ECAC and IC4A Championships. Up next, we will see these teams in the outdoor season.

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