Enrolled Students Day


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Connor Bennett, Staff Writer

Members of the Bucknell class of 2027 had the opportunity to spend the day on campus for Enrolled Students Day 2023 on Saturday, March 4. 

Students spent time getting to learn more about Bucknell and everything the campus has to offer. This event allowed students who were accepted to Bucknell through early decision 1 or 2 to meet each other, professors and current Bucknell students. The day went from 8 a.m. until around 4 p.m., and included a full tour of campus. 

Bucknell’s dedicated student tour guides worked tirelessly to ensure the enrolled students received well informed tours. Greeters welcomed the students when they first arrived, demonstrating Bucknell’s sense of community. Guides were situated around campus at different stations to direct students and family members around the campus.

Senior tour guide, Jack Romano, has been a tour guide at Bucknell since his first year as a student. Romano took time to explain why Enrolled Students Day is one of his favorite days of the year as a tour guide, saying, “Working for admissions is so rewarding because I get to highlight all the great things about Bucknell to interested students and families,” Romano said. “Enrolled Students Day, however, brings a whole new perspective to campus as the students have already appreciated what campus has to offer and have committed to their next four years here. This becomes the first look they get at their new peers, environment and network.” 

“It was a pleasure meeting some new and some familiar faces on Saturday while they were engaging in information sessions, tours, meals and other interactive experiences,” Romano said when asked about the day as a whole. “It’s wonderful to see that Bucknell will be in accomplished and enthusiastic hands for years to come.”

Especially for senior tour guides like Romano, tours with Bucknell students who will not even be on campus with them is a unique experience they get to share with future Bucknellians. 

Future first year students also had great experiences at enrolled students day. For many, this was their first time meeting other Bucknell students their age. When asked about the program, future first year student Gavin Phillips ’27 shared his thoughts. 

“As an enrolled student at Bucknell I felt extremely welcomed to campus. I thought the students and staff did an excellent job describing and teaching us what life will be like for the next four years of my life,” Phillips said. “Receiving a tour of campus and getting to know other student personnel that are attending in the class of 2027 helps me get an understanding of how college works a little.”

Enrolled students also received a free meal at Bostwick Cafeteria, and the lacrosse team had a home game during the events. “I enjoyed the meal at the Elaine Langone Center, and got a feel of how dining would be,” Phillips said. “During the end of the day, I watched the Bison put up a tough match against Marist in lacrosse; unfortunately, they lost but it was still a great game. My experiences at Bucknell Enrolled Students Day were absolutely incredible, and I am happy to say that I will be a Bison next year.”

An overall great experience seemed to be shared by all of the enrolled students. Many of the enrolled students in the class of 2027 even have siblings that currently attend Bucknell. 

Ellie Blundin ’27 has a sister who is a Bucknell sophomore, and although she has been to campus before, she thought Enrolled Students Day was very beneficial. “I had so much fun learning more about the school and meeting my fellow classmates. It was a great experience walking around campus and imagining myself here next year. The tour guides offered great insight into the different aspects of Bucknell and were very beneficial to talk to. Even though I had been to campus before, Enrolled Students Day was a great experience and I would recommend that future enrolled students make sure to take part in it.”

Following Enrolled Students Day, the next major events for the Bucknell Admissions Office are the Admitted Student Days on April 15 and April 22. Admitted Students Day will let students who have not already enrolled to get a taste of Bucknell before they make a final decision for college. For any questions regarding the admissions process, please reach out to the Bucknell Admissions Office, and more specifically the regional representative for your area. 

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