Senior Day for Bucknell Women’s Water Polo


Maddie Hamilton, Photography Editor / The Bucknellian

Jamilie Atiyeh, Staff Writer

Bucknell Women’s Water Polo hosted Saint Francis University (Pa.)  this past weekend in celebration of seniors Chloe Smith, Bella Moynihan, Sam Gove and Megan LaCroix. 

Senior Day marked the end of a three week break from hitting the water competitively

The Bison led 1-0 following the first quarter of play after Isabella Monoghan ’24 scored and had stellar defensive plays. 

In the second, SFU went on a 3-0 run to seize a two-goal advantage over the Bison. 

Within the last ten seconds of the first half, Boati Motau ’25 assisted in bridging the gap with a dramatic goal, which brought the Bison within a point of the Red Flash. 

The second half started out with a bang with a total of five points tallied between the two teams. 

Motau and Monoghan scored one each, ending the quarter with a two point gap behind SFU. 

The fourth quarter presented the Bison with numerous opportunities, one of which Smith took advantage of with a goal. 

In retaliation, SFU came back to post a score of nine against the Bison’s five. 

Monaghan posted two more points for her seniors before the game concluded with a score of 9-7 in favor of the Red Flash. 

“It was really nice being able to celebrate our seniors in their last home game,” Sydney Finkler ’25 said. “We are ready to take on Harvard, Brown and Princeton in our upcoming tournament.” 

This weekend, Bucknell will travel to New England for the CWPA games.

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