CAP center kicks off last month of school with Flo Rida, Yung Gravy Concert


Lianne Garrahan / The Bucknellian

Kelly Troop, Contributing Writer

The CAP Center and the Bucknell community welcomed Flo Rida and Yung Gravy to campus for the spring semester concert on March 31.

Doors opened at 7:00 p.m. and many students took the opportunity to line up hours prior, hoping to get a spot close to the stage. 

Yung Gravy opened the show and sang some of his top hits including “C’est La Vie” and “Betty.” Additionally, he threw out red roses to lucky audience members, and even gave out signed snack cakes and Lunchables. 

“I thought Yung Gravy was kind of cringey and he talks much more than he raps,” Hannah Davis ’23 said. “Flo Rida brought a lot more energy to the crowd.”

After Yung Gravy finished his setlist, students anxiously awaited the arrival of Flo Rida, who came out with a DJ and two backup dancers. He sang some of his most popular songs such as “Low,” “Wild Ones,” “Whistle,” and “Right Round.”

He threw out dollar bills to the audience, sprayed them with water guns and threw out roses too. He also chose to bring out a group of female and male students, including those in the CAP center who helped to get him to come to campus. 

“It was really good,” Marla Forfar ’24 said. “The concert ran smoothly and we didn’t have to wait very long for Flo Rida to come on. I think everyone had a good time and I liked that he incorporated students on stage during his performance.” 

Brendan Baganski ’25 was one of the lucky students on stage during Flo Rida’s performance.

“Getting the opportunity to be on stage with Flo Rida as he was performing one of his best songs was an incredible experience,” Baganski said. “The energy was electric and something I will never forget. Shoutout to Brent Papson for making it possible and to the entire concert committee for all the work they do.” 

Both Flo Rida and Yung Gravy were given Bucknell jerseys that they threw out into the audience, with Yung Gravy’s jersey landing itself in a lucky fan’s hands by the end of his performance.

This concert ran differently than other ones Bucknell has hosted because they decided to hold the performance in Sojka Pavilion rather than the Field House, similar to when Swae Lee performed last semester.

This gave audience members the option to stand or sit on the bleachers as they watched the performance. Lastly, as always, students could get their tickets for free but for the first time, they could buy an additional ticket for $25, and then the tickets opened to the general public at $40. Bucknell concerts are not usually open to anyone but students.

To hear about the planning process of this concert, the Bucknellian spoke to Julia Frederickson ’24, president of the concert committee.

“There were many things we had to do in the weeks and especially days leading up to their arrivals,” Frederickson said. “In the weeks leading up to it, we were tabling in the ELC and library, posting content on our Instagram page (@bucknellconcerts), doing chalk outside upper and lower ELC and hanging up posters / flyers around campus trying to spread the word.”

“We wanted to ensure that as many Bucknell students as possible would claim their tickets,” Frederickson continued. “As the event date came closer, we had to help build the stage, and hang up signs throughout Sojka explaining where the artists’ dressing rooms, bathrooms and merch areas were. The most fun part was getting to decorate their dressing rooms with the food and other things they specially requested! It was a great night and the committee is so happy that so many Bucknellians were able to come to the concert.”

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