Softball falls 0-3 in series against Lehigh

Charlotte Dursee, Senior Writer

The Bison traveled to Lehigh University for a three game series starting Saturday morning. Madison Roukey ’25 started for the Bison in the circle. Both teams were unable to put any points on the board at the end of the first inning. Lehigh had some action, two hits, but were unable to convert.

The Bison let up two runs in the second half, but were stopped at home before scoring their third. The Bison had two hits in their frame of the third inning from Annabella Hawkins ’24 and Haley Speicher ’26. A fly-out closed out the third inning. 

Hunter Vestal ’24 entered the game as a relief pitcher at the bottom of the third. Right away, Lehigh pulled off three straight hits. Lehigh brought in their third run from a single and a double. A single placed runners on first and second. A steal and sacrifice bunt then put up another run. A sacrificed squeeze gave them their fifth run. The inning finally came to an end, but Lehigh created themselves a good cushion for the rest of the game.

MaKenzie Hilling ’25 and Noelle Gardon ’24 both walked in the top of the fourth but nothing came from it. Lehigh added another run. 

In the top of the fifth the Bison started counter-attacking. It started with Hawkins walking and Chase Knapp ’23  laying a sacrifice bunt. A single from Speicher put runners on third and first for Zoie Smith ’24 at bat. Smith singled down the left-field line and brought home Hawkins. Savannah Jones ’25 walked, putting runners on each base. Hilling struck out, Gardon walked and Marissa Rapino ’26 grounded out to bring in the Bison’s second run of the game before the inning ended.

Both teams had minimal action for the rest of the game. The game ended as a victory for Lehigh, 6-2.

Later that day in their second matchup, Jones started in the circle. The first three innings consisted of two hits by Lehigh. Both ends had impressive pitching performances. The first run came in the fourth inning for Lehigh. A single and sacrifice bunt put a Lehigh runner on second. A double down the left field line helped bring in the first runner. Jones helped defend from any other runs. 

The Bison attempted to equalize the score in the fifth inning. Hilling led off with a walk, followed by a bunt from Gardon’s to put Hilling on second. Angelina Seropian ’26 had a fielding error, but a pop up soon ended the inning. 

Lehigh added another run in the bottom of the fifth inning. Three singles in a row loaded the bases for Lehigh. Knapp dove to keep a hit a single that was an RBI putting Lehigh up 2-0. 

In the bottom of the sixth, Lehigh continued putting runs on the scoreboard. Kaiya Burton ’23 came into pitch after an error and a single. Burton had a throwing error that let up another run. A wild pitch and a fly ball by Lehigh allowed two more runs. The Bison made attempts to score but ultimately ended up sling 6-1.

The Bison and Mountain Hawks picked back up the next morning. Olivia Marinelli ’23 pitched for the Bison. Neither team had much action in the first inning. Lehigh had two base runners but nothing came about due to impressive defense.

Lehigh put up two runs in the top of the third inning. Vestal soon came in to relief pitch and finished the inning with no more runs let up. The Bison had some action in the top of the third inning. With two outs, Rapino walked and Speicher singled. Hilling hit a ball straight up that landed at home plate. Miscommunication on Lehigh’s part allowed for Rapino to score but Hilling was thrown out on her way to second. The inning ended with the score 2-1. 

Lehigh came close to scoring again in the bottom of the third. They had runners on third and first, but Vestal stayed calm in the circle and struck out two straight batters to end the inning.

The Bison came close to tying the score when Knapp singled and stole second. However, the inning came to a close on a swinging strikeout. Lehigh added another run in the fourth inning. A double started the inning from Gardon, but she remained on the bases, as the batters made three straight outs.

Jones entered the circle to close out the game. Lehigh added two more runs in the fifth inning. A couple singles later and the Mountain hawks were up 5-1. The Bison’s last attempt to score came from Elena Horn ’25 who pulled off a single in the seventh inning but nothing came about. The Bison lost 5-1.

The Bison’s next series takes place Easter weekend against Army.

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