What are Bucknellians willing to do for the plot?

Aaron Chin, Satire Co-Editor

There is a truly eclectic student body here at Bucknell, and everyone knows it. With a huge number of student organizations and clubs, there’s no shortage of activities or hobbies that students engage in on campus. However, this makes many people on campus wonder whether students engage in these activities out of actual interest, or if they are just doing these activities “for the plot,” meaning that they are just doing it to make them seem like more interesting characters.

So, what are students doing for the plot? Here are some examples:

  1. Hang Gliding off of the ELC roof

Hang gliding is a popular tourist activity in vacation destinations such as Florida, the Bahamas and South Africa. However, some of the very few people here at Bucknell who are not in the top 0.000000001 percent of the upper class cannot afford to go to these world-class destinations. Therefore, a group of students in OEL decided to bring hang gliding to campus. The OEL students decided to hang glide off of the ELC roof to engage in the exhilarating activity.

When asked why he decided to hang glide off of the ELC, freshman Aire Borne said, “My girlfriend doesn’t think that I do enough interesting activities. She thinks that I’m too boring and that I need to do more risky things, so I decided to risk my life and use Bucknell’s janky hang gliders. I may have several scrapes, bruises, and broken bones, but I also have one heck of an interesting story for my girlfriend.”

2. Ubering to New York

New York: the city that never sleeps. Lewisburg: the city that goes to sleep by 4 p.m. due to strictly enforced quiet hours. The two are polar opposites, so it’s no wonder that some students wanted to travel to New York from Lewisburg.

Last Saturday, a group of seniors decided to hire an Uber driver to take them to New York City for a fun day trip. Little did they know, there is only one Uber driver in a 300-mile radius of Bucknell, so the price of the trip came out to three thousand dollars in total, or a one week’s paycheck for most Bucknell students’ parents.

The cost being only a minor inconvenience, a group of seniors took a New York trip that they will never forget. From the Uber actually being a limousine with a hot tub on top to staying one night at the most expensive suite at the Ritz Carlton, these students will never forget that day. They also ziplined from the top of the Empire State Building to the foot of the Statue of Liberty, so they definitely had an exciting experience.

While this “for the plot” mentality might seem dangerous to some, it encourages spontaneity, so you should be on the lookout for the next opportunity to make your story-line more unique!

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