Rowing in Massachusetts

Morgan Sohosky, Senior Writer

Bucknell Women’s Rowing traveled to Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, Mass. this past Saturday to compete in a four-team competition. This location is where the Patriot League Championship will be held later this spring. 

They competed against Rhode Island, Holy Cross and Sacred Heart. The Bison also competed against Rhode Island in multiple races the previous weekend at Saint Joseph’s. 

An early morning for the Bison started at 8:30 a.m., where their Varsity Eight competed with Second Varsity Eight and Varsity Four following. These three boats performed well, beating both Holy Cross and Sacred Heart, falling just short to Rhode Island. That’s three runner-up finishes on the weekend for the Bison. 

Not only did their three championship boats come runner-up, but two of their other boats, the Third Varsity Eight and the Second Varsity Four, placed first in their races. 

The Varsity Eight finished only six seconds behind Rhode Island in their race but 14 seconds in front of third place; a strong second place finish. The reprise was even better than the first, being only 1.4 seconds behind Rhode Island. 

The Second Varsity Eight had a similar finish, being eight seconds behind Rhode Island but 15 seconds ahead of Holy Cross. Their second race was extremely similar to their first. 

The Third Varsity Eight went head-to-head versus Rhode Island and was able to pull out a win with seven seconds over Rhode Island. 

Similarly for the Second Varsity Four, they were able to beat Rhode Island by 11 seconds.

The Bison will be traveling back to Lake Quinsigamond May 12 for the Patriot League Championship. Before that, they’ll be hosting a pair of competitions on the Susquehanna. The first will be against Lehigh on April 22, and exactly one week from that they’ll host both Villanova and Delaware on April 29. This will be a three-team competition before a near two-week rest period prior to the trip back to Worcester for the championships.

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