Bucknell launches Arts and Sciences Week 

Sarah Toohey, Contributing Writer

Arts and Sciences Week at Bucknell University is a time for the students who are a part of the college to connect with one another, participate in engaging activities, and take a break from the stress of upcoming final exams. This year, the program planned and hosted by the college staff, including Christian Melgar ’23, takes place from April 17 through April 21. 

There is a series of events for students to participate in this year. Earlier this week there was an Arts & Science showdown in the Weis Center featuring Two Past Midnight, Bucknell Silhouettes, Bison Girls Dance Team and The Offbeats.

There was also a club fair for organizations connected to Arts & Sciences hosted for students looking to continue to participate in extracurriculars that relate to what they are studying. Additionally, the Dean’s Student Advisory Council hosted a de-stressing event ahead of finals, complete with therapy dogs. 

“The fair was so great to see,” Jenna DeLuccia ‘26, who attended the club fair event, said. “It really made me proud to be a part of the Arts & Science College at Bucknell.”

On April 20, there will be a Posters Plus Symposium hosted by The Center for Social Sciences Research running from 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. in Academic West. There will also be a session with The Center for Career Advancement on Career Competencies called “Assessing Where You Fit” at 5 p.m. in the Elaine Langone Center. 

Melgar, who organized the Symposium, had this to say about the event:

“The Center for Social Science Research Posters Plus research symposium is an annual event that features undergraduate student research in the social sciences. There are over 50 students sharing posters and e-portfolios this year, representing a range of disciplinary perspectives and utilizing a variety of methodologies. This is a great opportunity for students to learn more about research and getting involved. Students can expect to hear from a wide variety of different research topics and passions.”

Finally on April 20 and 21, there will be stress balls, more therapy dogs and ice cream at the outdoor Ice Cream Social event, which provides an opportunity for Bucknellians to relax and destress ahead of finals season. 

All of these events create opportunities for the students of the College of Arts & Sciences to branch out and make new friends, learn more about their respective disciplines, and gain insight into post-graduation pathways. Most importantly, the Arts & Science Week gives Bucknellians an exciting opportunity to engage with the Bucknell students, staff, and alumni as a whole.

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