Bison Sound Goes Mute

Tyler Thrutchley, Staff Writer

After being banned from Bison Sound in 2022, Robby Downing was set to make his return in April of 2023. Before last year’s incident, Robert was already looked down upon for trying to walk into a college event as a middle-aged Lewisburg local.

But it was the scene he caused last year that earned him a lifetime ban from the popular Bucknell event. After a food truck owner accidentally put relish on his hotdog, he thought it would be a good idea to throw it right back in the owner’s face, which triggered a visit from PSafe and a lifetime ban from Bucknell’s campus.

Robby’s plan for 2023 was simple. Instead of listening to the various bands and enjoying the variety of foods, he would make Bison Sound a living torture for everyone who was on Sojka lawn that night. And he would do this from afar.

You see, Robby knew that all of the lights and sounds of Bison Sound were quite literally made possible by one circuit board that was in the middle of the lawn. All he had to do was switch off a few buttons, and Bison Sound would go mute. The hard part would be actually getting to the circuit board, as two guards were monitoring the entrance to ensure that no more shenanigans went down.

Decked out in all Bucknell apparel, with a clean-shaven beard and Sigma Chi sweatshirt, Robby channeled his inner Bucknellian and waltzed toward the guards.

“Sup, bros,” said Robby, as he dapped up the guards. The two guards looked at each other and grinned. His outfit was almost comical, but it did the trick. Robby walked right by them and arrived at the lawn without suspicion.

Unlike the entrance to Sojka lawn, the circuit board was unguarded; nobody would expect what was about to go down.

The timing was perfect, too. There was exactly an hour left of Bison Sound. He had been specifically waiting till the end to execute his plan, so that he could take revenge on the event’s final performers: the officers who had arrested him last year. The darkness of the evening would also create shock value when all of the lights were shut off.

There were 100 students crowded around their favorite P-Safe officers as they reached the climax of their performance. Robby approached the circuit board. The buttons were much less complex than he expected. His fingers glided over the buttons and he took action.

Just then, everything went mute. The instruments were inaudible, and all of the lights were shut off. Murmurs went around Bison Sound, and the people wanted to find their culprit.

But no one would ever suspect Robby Downing. He was a frat boy, after all. Why would he have a vendetta against Bison Sound? Robby chuckled to himself as everyone scrambled to find the offender.

But little did they know, their offender was walking back toward town. He was a local, after all, not some frat boy.

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