Meet the Editors Spring 2023


Layout by Dora Kreitzer ’25, Print Managing Editor.

Juliana Rodrigues, Special Features Editor

Jaxon White ’23: As the current Editor in Chief, Jaxon has written more than 80 published articles during his time with The Bucknellian. Early during his first year Jaxon was recommended by a professor to join the opinions section of the newspaper. Since that year, he has held positions as the Opinions Editor and News Editor. Jaxon explained that his involvement in numerous different organizations on campus has helped him with topic ideas.

“​​It has completely reshaped it,” Jaxon said, when talking about how The Bucknellian has contributed to his Bucknell experience. “Coming here I wasn’t exactly certain what I wanted to do, but The Bucknellian made me realize that I want to be a journalist. The paper has also helped me land a role at a professional newspaper after graduation, so in many ways I owe the start of my career to The Bucknellian.”

Dora Kreitzer ’25: Dora started writing for The Bucknellian during the fall of her first year and is now the current Print Managing Editor. In the past she has held positions as Assistant News Editor and Print Presentation Director. Outside of The Bucknellian you can find Dora working on the Academic Civic Engagement blog or for the Writing Center, both of which she says have helped her with the newspaper.

“It has exposed me to so many different experiences and events on campus, has given me a sense of community and a chance to contribute to Bucknell history, and taught me skills and lessons I continue to use and develop,” Dora said when speaking about The Bucknellian. “I wouldn’t want to do anything else with my Wednesday nights.”

Sal Iovino ’24: For this entire year Sal has worked for The Bucknellian as the Digital Managing Editor. A writer during the spring of his first year, Sal became the Opinions Editor during his sophomore year. Involved with many different organizations on campus Sal explained that he is thankful for the opportunity the paper provides to share the experiences of students on campus. 

“Writing for The Bucknellian has allowed me to connect with a group of students that is dedicated to keeping news and journalism alive, as well as express a personal passion for writing that I oftentimes can’t express through my major,” Sal said. “The past two years have been great and I look forward to creating similar experiences for the younger members of staff in my senior year.”

Caroline Hendrix ’23: Caroline has written for the paper since her first year and started her first position this spring as the Opinions Editor. She explained that coming up with topics has incentivized her to be involved on campus, listening to different groups, people and clubs. She aims to create topics centered around what people are most interested in at that given time.

“My first few articles were on light topics surrounding pop culture and music. These topics were fun to write about, but I chose them more so because I was hesitant to write about anything more serious,” Caroline said. “As the semesters went on, it is evident in my writing that I started taking on more pressing issues that I was passionate about and have been able to more clearly outline my opinion. I owe this to the practice of writing most weeks, along with the professors and friends that I have met at Bucknell that have helped shape me into who I am. It’s unique to us Bucknellian writers to have a time capsule of who we were at different parts of our Bucknell experience, and will be nice to look back on in the years to come.”

Maximus Bean ’24: As the former Satire Editor Max began his current position as News Co-Editor this semester. Max began writing during his first year and since then has had over 70 of his articles published in the paper. On campus he is also involved with the Catholic Campus Ministry and Pre-Law Society. 

“Writing for The Bucknellian has made my experience at Bucknell far richer,” Max said. “Not only do I get experience with how a paper operates, but I also get to attend new events at Bucknell that I would not have heard of otherwise. I’m glad I spent this semester doing News. It presented all-new challenges and forced me to get out of my comfort zone. It gave me new confidence in my capabilities and I’m excited to see where I go senior year.” 

Kelsey Werkheiser ’25: Kelsey first joined The Bucknellian as a writer last year and during the fall 2022 semester they started their first position as the Special Features Co-Editor. Currently working as the News Co-Editor, Kelsey shared that it has helped them realize their love for journalism, and is thankful for the positive impacts it has on campus.

“The Bucknellian sometimes acts as a platform for positive social change on campus by giving minority groups such as the Black Student Union and transgender students the opportunity to publish their list of demands written this semester,” Kelsey said. “As an active advocate for change on campus, I appreciate that we are able to provide this space. My experience with The Bucknellian has helped me to feel like there is a space where I belong on campus.”

Michael Taromina ’26: Michael began writing for the news at the beginning of this year and is now the Assistant News Editor. Michael said that working on The Bucknellian has made his time at Bucknell more enjoyable and shared the positive impacts being a part of the news section has had.

“I think building connections with other people is so important with News and has helped form relationships with people who I can interview or count on as a source, which is why spreading my social sphere has been so rewarding,” Michael said.

Aaron Chin ’25: Starting as a writer for The Bucknellian last year Aaron now works as the Satire Co-Editor. He shared that involvements such as President of the Creative Writing Club and Co-Head editor of Confetti Head, Bucknell’s student literary magazine, have helped him with his Bucknellian editor position. 

“By writing for the satire column, I feel that I am able to share and produce stories that put smiles on people’s faces, which is a rewarding and enriching experience for me,” Aaron said.

Haley Leopold ’26: Haley began writing for satire at the beginning of this year and this semester has been the Satire Co-Editor. She explained that all of her involvements on campus help her to stay well informed for coming up with satire topic ideas. Her involvements include BSG, band, and CORE club.

“Writing for The Bucknellian has allowed me to meet so many new people around campus! Between working with the writers, attending weekly editor meetings, and interviewing other Bucknellians for articles, writing for The Bucknellian has allowed me to meet tons of amazing students that I might not have met otherwise,” Haley said. “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at The Bucknellian, and I can’t wait to continue writing, editing, and becoming even more involved with the publication over the next few semesters!”

Juliana Rodrigues ’24: Juliana joined the special features section as a writer during her sophomore year and now has been the Special Features Editor since the beginning of this year. Juliana is involved in a variety of different organizations on campus and uses those connections to feature and bring attention to different events and groups.

“I am so thankful for my position on the Bucknellian,” Juliana said. “I have made connections with so many different people on the staff and from organizations I’ve written about. My section has given me the opportunity to write and start discussions about such interesting topics that I typically wouldn’t have heard of.”

Clara McCormick ’23: Clara started writing for the sports section during her first year and took on the Sports Editor role at the beginning of this year. Being a Varsity Field Hockey player and involved with the Student Athlete Advisory Committee E-Board, Clara stays up to date with Bucknell athletic events. Clara also held the West Branch internship that she says has helped her editing, proofreading, and interviewing skills.

“The Bucknellian has helped me with my communication skills and allowed me to meet people on campus I would not have otherwise crossed paths with,” Clara said. “I am super grateful for the opportunities the Bucknellian has provided for me and for the ability to work alongside such good people.” 

Kyle Putt ’23: Kyle started designing graphics for the paper during his first year and is now the Graphics Manager. Until a few weeks ago Kyle has been the sole creator of graphics for The Bucknellian. 

Reflecting on the past four years Kyle said, “I have a lot of fond memories in Stuck House. Although I never wrote for the paper I’m grateful to have spent my Wednesdays with the rest of the staff for the past four years. I will not miss chicken salad night but I will miss all the friends I’ve made.”

Maddie Hamilton ’23: Maddie can be spotted around campus and the Lewisburg area taking photos for The Bucknellian as the Photography Editor. Joining the newspaper in 2019, Maddie has been a Staff Photographer and Assistant Photography Editor.

“Taking pictures for the newspaper has truly been a highlight of my Bucknell experience,” Maddie said. “I go to events I normally wouldn’t and I have a brilliant excuse to carry my camera around. I’ve loved being the photography editor these past few years as I’ve had the pleasure of mentoring a few of my photographers and have added to the newspaper in different ways. Being part of The Bucknellian is the one extracurricular that I can say I’ve done all four years of my time here at Bucknell. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the newspaper and I hope future student photographers find as much joy in it as I have.”

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