Senior Reflection: Nina Sigety

Nina Sigety

When I arrived on campus in the Fall of 2019, I was so excited and could never imagine what lay ahead. First-Year orientation created irreparable bonds between me and my neighbors, and I am so lucky that even though we may no longer be hallmates, we are all still best friends. This wouldn’t be a reflection on my 4-years here if I didn’t give a shout out to Vedder 1 North-West!

After orientation concluded and classes started, I did the only thing I knew how to do – sought out ways to get involved. I jumped right in and auditioned for the all-female a cappella group, the Bucknell Silhouettes, and quickly found a tight-knit community (and my favorite duet partner ever, Lauren Morelli). When I thought I had too much free time, I applied for a job at the Student Calling Program and started fundraising for Bucknell. Talking to alumni on the phone about their experiences made me fall even more deeply in love with our school, and I met the most incredible people along the way. Not only have I grown professionally, but the support I’ve received from Ellie Fullam-Moore and the Development Office has been immeasurable. 

But just as I found my stride and started to feel at home, we were moving out and isolating due to the COVID-19 shutdown. After spring semester classes finished, I decided that even though I was stuck at home I was still going to take advantage of opportunities offered by Bucknell. So in June 2020, I decided to take two science credit courses over Zoom with Bucknell professors, which made it possible for me to Triple-Major in Sociology, French, and Education. I was fortunate that before being sent home I had found my place in extra-curriculars, but now I was also comfortable academically. 

Upon returning for sophomore year, I joined the Alpha Delta Pi Sorority and met my best friends and current roommates. In ADPi I found people just as driven as I am, who continued to push me to do even more and squeeze every possible opportunity out of my time here. After joining Greek life, the Bucknell Community instantly felt more interwoven and I met people from every chapter on campus.

Having had so much of my time at college affected by the pandemic, I struggled with the decision of whether to study abroad, but can confidently say that ‘Bucknell en France’ changed my life. Living in a foreign country, I not only learned the language but also the culture, and it was the most amazing experience. I can only hope to build on that next year when I move back to France to teach English, an opportunity I would’ve never applied for had I not gone abroad. 

Looking back, the biggest lesson I learned at Bucknell was to never settle for what I had — instead, I kept on my toes. I never stopped at one major, one job, one club, or one friend group; I was always open to more. In my last 2 weeks alone, I have laughed harder, smiled more, and reflected more than I ever have. So, thank you Bucknell, for setting me up for the rest of my life.

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