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The weekly student newspaper of Bucknell University

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The weekly student newspaper of Bucknell University

The Bucknellian

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To what extent are dorm checks ethical?

To what extent are dorm checks ethical?

March 1, 2024

Women’s Lacrosse triumphs in home opener against Robert Morris

Women’s Lacrosse triumphs in home opener against Robert Morris

March 1, 2024

The Comfort Suites hotel: A unique Bucknell living space?

The Comfort Suites hotel: A unique Bucknell living space?

March 1, 2024

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Meet the Spring 2024 Editors

Dora Kreitzer, Editor-in-Chief / The Bucknellian

Editor-in-Chief: Dora Kreitzer 25 (she/her)

Having been a member of the Bucknellian since her first year, Dora Kreitzer will be taking over as The Bucknellian’s Editor-in-Chief. Throughout the years, Kreitzer has served as Print Presentation Director, Print Managing Editor, and Digital Managing Editor. 

“My biggest goal for the semester is for the paper to reflect the experiences, stories, and values of the student body,” shared Kreitzer. Alongside other student managing editors, Kreitzer oversees all Bucknellian meetings and paper sections. 

As words of encouragement for new writers, she shared, “Students should join the Bucknellian not only because it’s fun, but also because it’s a chance to make their voice heard and to write about things worth reading about. As cliché as that sounds, writing for the paper is a chance to contribute to the campus conversation, bring attention to things that deserve it and explore personal passions and interests while also getting to work with an amazing group of people.”

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Print Managing Editor: Kelsey Werkheiser 25 (she/they)

For a second semester, Kelsey Werkheiser holds the role of Print Managing Editor. Werkheiser’s past positions include Special Features Co-Editor and News Co-Editor. In anticipation of the first release of the semester, Werkheiser shared excitement for new changes to the paper, such as the Arts & Culture section.

For students with potential interest in writing, Werkheiser said, “The different sections make it possible to contribute in the way most comfortable for you, and it’s great to see your work published every Friday!”

Print Presentation Director: Hayley Leopold ’26 (she/her)

After two semesters as a Satire Co-Editor, Haley Leopold will be taking on the role of Print Presentation Director. Leopold shared her excitement for the semester and the potential new students looking to join the paper.

“The Bucknellian is such a great way to share your voice on campus! There are so many different sections to write for, so you can write about anything you’re interested in,” Leopold said.

News Editor: Michael Taromina ’26 (he/him)

Michael Taromina will be working on The Bucknellian as the News Editor for his second consecutive semester. Before coming into this position, Taormina served as an Assistant News Editor last spring. If a student is looking to improve their writing skills, or simply write about topics that interest them, he encourages them to join The Bucknellian.

Investigative News Editor and Assistant News Editor: Lyndon Beier ’27 (they/them)

Coming into their first editor position this semester, Lyndon Beier will take on the roles of both Investigative News Editor and Assistant News Editor. They shared their excitement for the coming semester as they begin to publish articles.

Opinions Editor: Malika Ali ’26 (she/her)

Malika Ali began her time in the role of Opinions Editor during the Fall 2023 semester and will now maintain this position for the spring. Highlighting the paper, she mentions the opportunity students have to express their voices and share their work. 

As for her hopes for this semester and the opinions section, Ali shared, “I am excited to continue growing the section with new writers and interesting topics.”

Special Features Editor: Juliana Rodrigues 24 (she/her)

This semester marks the sixth semester with Juliana Rodrigues working on the special features section. After contributing as a writer for the section, Rodrigues took on the role of Special Features Co-Editor and now begins her third semester as Special Features Editor. Rodrigues emphasized bitter-sweet feelings towards her final semester with The Bucknellian.

Sports Co-Editor: Hugh Straine 26 (he/him)

With a past of contributing to The Bucknellian as a sports writer, Hugh Straine will now be taking on the role of Sports Co-Editor. He expressed his passion for sports which translates into his excitement for his new position.

 “I hope to give all fans a good experience when following Bison sports,” Straine shared. 

Sports Co-Editor: Ingrid Houtkooper 27 (she/her)

Throughout her first semester at Bucknell, Ingrid Houtkooper participated as a writer for The Bucknellian Sports section. Now, taking on her first position, she will be acting as a Sports Co-Editor. 

Sharing hopes of inspiring more students to join the sports section, she said, “Others should join and write for the Bucknellian because it’s a great way to feel connected to the school and get involved. You get to meet people through interviews and working with editors.”

Arts & Culture Co-Editor: Aaron Chin 25 (he/him)

After a semester abroad, Aaron Chin returns to The Bucknellian as the Co-Arts & Culture Editor. During a previous semester, Chin worked as the Satire Co-Editor. He discussed his hopes for the new section, sharing that, “I hope to get the Arts and Cultures off the ground and create a new and vibrant column to contribute to a great on-campus organization!”

Arts & Culture Co-Editor: Esther Zhao 27 (she/her)

During her first Bucknell semester, Esther Zhao contributed to The Bucknellian Satire Section. For this spring semester, she is taking on her first Co-Editor position for the newly established Arts & Culture section. Zhao expressed her excitement to bridge her passions for art and journalism. 

Graphics Manager: Evelyn Pierce 25 (she/her)

Evelyn Pierce enters her second semester as the Graphic Manager for The Bucknellian. Pierce contributes to the paper weekly with original illustrations and digital graphics across all sections.

“I hope to generate graphics that connect to the articles and draw in readers, while building my portfolio at the same time!” Pierce shared.

Photography Co-Editor: Lauren Medeiros 26 (she/her)

For a second semester, Lauren Medeiros returns to The Bucknellian as the Photography Co-Editor. She shared her enthusiasm for capturing “memorable moments on campus this year whether it be sports games or school-wide events.”

Photography Co-Editor: Sienna Williams ‘26 (she/her)

Sienna Williams returns to her role this semester as the Photography Co-Editor. Contributing many photos to Bucknellian issues from various campus events, Williams shared her excitement for another semester. She hopes to continue getting, “sick photos to go with all the amazing articles!”

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