Gordon-Levitt is all grown up in "50/50"

By Michelle Joline

Arts & Life Editor

We all love him in “10 Things I Hate About You,” when he became the 1990s ideal of adorable, and “(500) Days of Summer,” when he was officially marked as a heartthrob, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt can do more than just look great. In “50/50,” based on a true story, Gordon-Levitt plays Adam, a 27-year-old faced with cancer. With the help of his best friend (Seth Rogen), he works to beat the disease. Rogen’s presence is also key to the pace of the film; without his one-liners and banter, the movie would not be as entertaining.

Gordon-Levitt’s friendship with Rogen is not the only intriguing part of the film: there is a bit of romance between Gordon-Levitt and his therapistKatherine (Anna Kendrick). She is just as much a fresh-faced therapist as she is an awkward 20-something year old, who does not know quite what to do with a cancer patient. Their interactions are uncomfortable but have you rooting for them throughout the film.

After Gordon-Levitt has his heart broken by his girlfriend (Bryce Dallas Howard), he works to get his life back in order with Rogen by his side, leading to some really bad decisions. At times the film moves slowly, but this balances perfectly with the moments of high emotion placed throughout the film.

We all saw Gordon-Levitt take on a slightly more “grown-up” role in “Inception,” but “50/50” proves that he is really more than a heartthrob and can successfully play a serious role, with audiences clinging to his every word. If you are looking for a movie to watch with a cup of coffee and box of tissues on hand, this is the movie for you.

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