Pizza Phi extends hours

By Nikki Briggs


Most surrounding pizza options only deliver until 2 a.m., but Pizza Phi, who has expanded it’s presence on campus, has extended its delivery option until4 a.m.

“If we’re open, we’re delivering,” co-owner Rick Thomas, who moved back to Lewisburg five years agoto a family that did not have much pizza-making experience.

“We came in here, trying to give a good product,”Thomas said.

Since then, the restaurant’s New York-style crust, among other options, has become very well-known and popular. 

Customers are also drawn to Pizza Phi for its welcoming atmosphere.

“Not only is it good food, but [Pizza Phi] has a much bigger campus presence then anywhere else I’ve been downtown,”Erin Roy ’14 said.

Pizza Phi has participated in fundraisers with various on-campus groups, including Chi Phi’s event for the Special Olympics last semester. The restaurant donated $1.50 of every $10 purchase to the cause, as well as working with a Management 101 company to help the Make-A-Wish-Foundation. The restaurant has also helped out with Public Safety’s Children’s Miracle Network and is doing a fundraiser with Management 101 Company A, A Perfect Pair for Foster Care, this semester.

Additionally, Pizza Phi speaks often with the coaches in the athletics department to organize donations.

“You give, and people will give back,” Thomas said.

The Pizza Phi menu can be found at or you can call 570-523-1116 for more information.

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