Samek Gallery mixes it up with "Remix" exhibition

By Michelle Joline

Arts & Life Editor

This year, the Samek Art Gallery has improved the quality of art presented in the exhibits it brings to campus. At the beginning of this academic year, the gallery showcased Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ Black List Project, featuring 25 portraits of successful African Americans, seeking to redefine the negative connotations associated with the term “blacklist,” and Myra Greene’s photography conveying the themes of society’s obsession with race and identity.   

The International Collage Center, better knows as the ICC, has brought an exhibition titled “Remix” to the Elaine Langone Center (ELC) with an entirely new perspective on collaging. The exhibition opened Oct. 14 and ends Dec. 4. This exhibit proves that collage is a great deal more than just a third-grade interpretation of paper cutting and glue.

Although the exhibition opened Oct. 14, discussion about the exhibit was held in the ELC Forum last Friday night. Artists Alice Attie and Mark Wagner from the “Remix” exhibition spoke on their own interpretations of the practice of collage, as well as their individual artistic endeavors. Also, on Monday, Nov. 14, the Campus Theatre will be hosting a film screening of “Portraits of three artists included in the ‘Remix’ exhibition—Joseph Cornell, May Wilson and Ray Johnson.”

The non-profit art organization ICC, based in Milton, works to publicize the artistry behind collage and mixed media, making for non-traditional and experimental exhibitions. The exhibition is co-curated by founder and artistic director Pavel Zoubok and director Rachael Lawe, who have utilized pieces from ICC’s permanent collection to create “Remix.” The University is fortunate that it is the first stop on their national tour.

The ICC has funded the creation of this exhibition to unite the philosophies and styles behind past and present movements in art. This plays on the essential idea of collage, uniting alternative mediums onto one surface to form a unique piece of art. “Remix” is an ideal title for this exhibition, which will be an excellent addition to The Samek Art Gallery’s exhibit history.

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