Bison Stomp Out dazzles audience

Michelle Joline , Arts and Life Editor

Saturday night, the University celebrated its Second Annual Bison Stomp Out Classic. The event showcased the dance style called “step” and incorporated talent from both University students and guests. This year the Bisonettes performed, in the style we have come to know so well from contemporary pop culture.

A lot of us became familiar with step from Hollywood films like “Stomp the Yard” and “Drumline.” Stepping is typically found in a Greek setting, and is often utilized as a form of initiation or a rite of passage into historically black sororities and fraternities. There is a lot of tradition involved in this dance, making it even more exciting that the University has become a part of its history.

The routines were visually pleasing, given this dance style’s routes in military formations, and the students were energized by the different acts.There was a great sense of community at the performance, with support from faculty, students and members of the Lewisburg community.

“The crowd seemed to love the atmosphere … We do realize that this year’s event didn’t have as many teams as last year’s show, but we really tried to emphasize the competition aspect of the Stomp Out this year,” BSU President Doneeca Thurston ’12 said.

If you did not get the chance to go to the event, look forward to next year’s performance. The Bison Stomp Out Classic only seems to be getting better and more exciting with time.

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