Class of '15 celebrates first semester

By Alexandra Napoli


Members of the class of 2015 filled Rooke Chapel last Friday night for the celebration of First Night. First Night is a University tradition held each winter to mark the successful completion of the first-year students’  first semester and the beginning of their life-long journey as alumni.
Prior to the ceremony, first-year halls were introduced to alumni members, desserts were passed around and a question-and-answer period was held.
“The overall atmosphere was very comfortable and relaxed. We are able to learn about the alumnus and his or her accomplishments since leaving Bucknell. It was also really nice to hear that we can have these incredibly strong connections with past graduates purely based on the fact that we both attended Bucknell University,” Jessica Isgro ’15 said.
First-years were able to discuss their first semester with alumni, sharing stories and anecdotes. 
“I thought it was really nice to get to hear from a Bucknell alumnus who was really successful both here and later in life. It was fun to share experiences and reminisce on first-semester memories,” Bronwyn Barnwell ’15 said.

Once inside the chapel, the students watched a video created by the Bucknell Student Government (BSG). Speeches from the BSG officers and representatives followed.

“We put a lot of time into planning for the event and had a lot of fun working with each other.  It was nice to see that everything came together so well during the ceremony and that so many alumni came back to be a part of it,” said Chloe Drennen ’14, BSG officer.

The colors chosen for the class of 2015 were blue and gold. The blue coordinates with the University’s original colors of blue and orange, while the gold represents wisdom and success. The crest design portrays Ellen Clarke Bertrand Library bordered by the Mathewson Gateway. The class motto underlying the crest reads: “Knowledge illuminates the path to the future we create.”

Keeping with tradition following the ceremony, the first-year class trekked downhill despite the snow to sing the alma mater to President Bravman at his house. He could not be present due to illness, but the students huddled for warmth and sang in the frigid January weather. Afterward, those who attended the ceremony received t-shirts decorated with the new class crest.

“First Night was an unforgettable event! I had a lot of fun not only presenting the class motto but hearing all the wonderful speeches. It is nice to celebrate that we are officially alumni of Bucknell. I hope First Night gave inspiration to everyone to just keep working hard,” said Kenia Lobo ’13, BSG officer.

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