Off the Tube: 'Gossip Girl'

By Katie Monigan

Arts & Life Editor

This week’s episode, “Double Identity,” essentially part two of last week’s season four premiere, was unusually dramatic. Dan’s a daddy, Blair might have a shot at dating French royalty, Chuck is missing, and his wallet was found with blood on it.

For once, the adult characters were completely drama-free. This might mean a new shift in plot focus towards the college-aged characters, instead of the trials and tribulations of married life. On a show clearly marketed towards high school and college students, this could be a smart move.

The first two episodes were also mostly set in Paris instead of Manhattan. Everyone came home at the end of “Double Identity,” but this French excursion might be a glimpse into a more exotic new season.

Baby Milo’s presence will certainly change the course of events this season. The characters are beginning to deal with more “grown-up” problems, like potential marriage proposals and teen parenthood. High school drama, college admittance stress, college issues and now concerns of young adulthood are all being addressed, and all at the right times.

The music on the show has also taken a new direction. Pop songs are eclipsing the unremarkable choices of the past. Again, the change may not last, but it seems like a good idea to add musical appeal to an already popular show.

Nate’s new friend Juliet looks like the big mystery of the season. She has a wall covered in printouts of Gossip Girl posts in a dimly lit, suspicious-looking room. Maybe we’ll even find out who Gossip Girl really is this season. As always, we’ll have to wait, and since this is only the second episode, we have a lot of waiting to do.

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