Public Displays of Affection: When is it okay? She said…

By Sarah Morris

Contributing Writer

Alongside prostitution, PDA is one of the oldest pastimes of our world. Everyone needs love, and physical love might be the best you’re going to get … especially in college. Here on campus, it seems that some students have a bit of extra love to give to their fellow classmates. I’m not talking about dancing at a register or making out with someone at a party on the weekend. I’m talking about good, old-fashioned, rubbing your love in everyone else’s faces behavior. Of course I want all the couples out there to enjoy their time together, I just prefer that they enjoy their time somewhere besides the public arena.

I think it’s time someone makes a PSA about PDA. Everyone smiles when they see an elderly couple holding hands, but there is something to be said about that couple making out in front of your classroom door. Just when you think it’s safe to walk around minding your single, happy, personal-space business, you can’t help but see it. There are two types of PDA: appropriate-but-can-be-over-used PDA, and never-okay-cover-your-children’s-eyes PDA.

Especially because Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, all of my single friends out there need to take caution when deciding where to look, lest they become witness to some graphic, sexual action on campus. Now I know that not all PDA is actually unbearable, but some of it is just uncomfortable to be around and frankly, unnecessary. For example, the other day in the cafeteria, I saw a couple get up from their table and hold hands on the way to fill their plates with food. Really? You can’t walk 20 feet to get your lunch without touching each other? Holding hands isn’t weird, but holding hands to walk around Bostwick Marketplace is.

Some people might say that the only reason others (myself included) are so against PDA is that we just don’t understand what it’s like to not be able to be apart from our significant others. I feel like at some point, PDA becomes an insecurity or attachment issue. Sure, there’s a honeymoon phase to relationships where holding hands and pecking in public is cute and exciting, but when you’ve been dating someone for an extended period of time and you still can’t stand to be apart, doesn’t that seem like a bit of a problem?

PDA is a nice way to show somebody you care, but at some point it can become an obnoxious way to show everyone else that you care too. There is a difference between being cute and being openly gross to everyone around you.


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