The infamous college sexile: He Said…

By Ben Kaufman

Sports Layout Editor

To be blunt, being sexiled is a part of college. It is something that either everybody does or something that happens to you.

Personally, I have not been sexiled frequently. It has only happened a few times to me, and only once has it actually affected me. This was due to the fact that my roommate’s partner stayed the weekend and did not leave until Monday and I had to be in a physics lab at 8 a.m. that morning. To put it frankly, that sucked. When it comes to being sexiled, as long as it does not affect my schoolwork during the week, then I honestly do not care.

I grew up sharing a room with my older brother, who had a girlfriend until my junior year of high school. That was the first time I was actually sexiled. I did not mind the situation, as I am close with my brother, and the circumstances surrounding the relationship were different: he was in a long-distance relationship and therefore did not see his girlfriend often. So in this case, I did not really care about being sexiled, especially since my parents had a rule that our girlfriends were not allowed to sleep over if they were home. 

Here is the thing: as long as it does not affect my schoolwork then I really could not care less. It is what is known as “Bro-Code.” It is an unspoken rule in which you try to help out your friend, or “bro,” as often as possible. If that means sleeping on a couch or on a floor for one night, then so be it, life will go on. If my roommate at school decides to bring someone back to our room, I would have no issue sleeping on my friend’s floor for the night, or on a couch in my fraternity. As long as the person who is sexiling people does not take advantage of their roommate, then it is really not a big deal.

It frustrates me when people get so annoyed about being sexiled since it is usually just for one night every once in a while. Your life will go on if you sleep on the floor for one night, so be civil and accepting.

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