New York Fashion Week recap

By Michelle Joline

Senior Writer

We are all anticipating pastels and high-wasted shorts to be trending this spring, but that didn’t stop New York City from hosting the Fall/Winter 2012 Fashion Week Feb. 9-16. It’s hard to imagine ever being excited to wear a wool coat or knee highs again when all we can think about is the freedom of tank tops and sandals, but one thing is for certain: there is a ton to choose from in terms of trends for fall 2012.

One trend that was popular all over the runways was military. Marc by Marc Jacobs featured designs that reinvented the classic power suit to be structured like a military uniform. Marc by Marc Jacobs is also showing a darker palate with pops of Egyptian blue and red. The standard Marc Jacobs line showed a large interest in textures. It layered textures from skirts and jackets to hats, making the outfits visually fun. Sadly, we all aren’t lucky enough to be able to fund a wardrobe with a Marc by Marc Jacobs or Marc Jacobs label, but these looks can also be invented by mixing and matching styles from past seasons.

The militant theme was only common in color, too. Topshop Unique models sported military greens, greys, plums and blacks. Zac Posen was also a fan of the palate and style, showing structured dresses with extreme cinching at the waist, emphasizing the popular peplum. Posen also featured textured fabrics, mostly utilizing Asian-inspired textiles.

Layering translucent fabrics was also popular on the Spring 2012 runways, with designers like Valentino causing a lot of hype over the trend. This look is not only reserved for Spring/Summer 2012; darker translucent and sheer fabrics were spotted on The Row models. The sheer fabric often worn as sleeves or high necklines is an exceptional way to make your look a little more mature and conservative while still having a flirty flare. There were also some creamy white accents on The Row runway; maybe we can finally start wearing white after Labor Day.

We all should be rejoicing because the Fall/Winter looks for 2012 invite the inner fashionista in all of us to be inventive. There is an opportunity to have fun with our looks, allowing us to take the vain nature of style a little less seriously. Now we just have to wait and see what these runway looks have inspired from fellow fashion appreciators in the fall.

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