Off the Tube: 'Glee'

By Tracy Lum


This week, “Glee” brought back Britney, showing she’s “Stronger,” “Toxic” and even still a “Slave 4 U.”  The follow-up episode to “Glee”‘s lackluster season premiere celebrated the 2000s pop princess, giving her props for Gleek empowerment.

In this week’s episode, Mr. Shue resists the Gleeks’ desire to perform a mix of Britney hits at homecoming. Meanwhile, Emma’s new love interest Carl (played by guest star John Stamos) enters the scene and offers the students dental examinations and cleanings. While under the influence of nitrous oxide (laughing gas), our favorite Gleeks, including Brittany S. Pierce, Rachel, Artie and Santanan drift into Britney-inspired reveries.Brittany (played by Heather Morris), who has apparently lived in the shadow of Britney Spears her whole life, even gets her first solo Glee Club moment when she reenacts scenes from Britney Spears’ most famous videos (“Slave 4 U,” “Toxic,” “Lucky” and “Me Against the Music.”) Artie, sitting in a wheelchair decked out with massive power wheels, sings “Stronger,” while trying to win back Tina’s affections. Britney Spears herself made a few cameos, appearing as a cheerleader and in her music videos.

The first episode spent entirely too much time setting up plot twists for the remainder of the season, but the second returned to “Glee”‘s original roots in its thematically-unified performances. While the first episode caught viewers up on what had happened over the summer, the second developed Shue and Emma’s turbulent relationship, gave Rachel and Finn some alone time and returned Quinn to her former status as head cheerleader. It’s as if we’ve come full circle.

But can “Glee” continue its award-winning streak?

Next week’s episode promises some “Glee”-ful renditions of Ke$ha tunes, and according to, by episode nine, Santana and Brittany will be the only Cheerios still in New Directions.

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