From the Mind of Wiley Jack: Great job, society

By Jack Wiles


Society as a whole is rapidly deteriorating. I can see it on the television screens, online, in the eyes of our youth, and on college campuses. I will provide an example of each.

First, we have television. When I was young, “TV-MA” didn’t even exist. Once it did, any show rated inappropriately only came on air after 11 p.m. As I write this, it is 8:30 p.m. and “South Park” is on Comedy Central. Currently, Cartman is attempting to crap out of his mouth. Oh, there he goes, he did it. I’m not a father yet, but one day I hope to be, and that is not something I would want my 5-year-old to see because he was flipping through channels. Next thing you know little Johnny will be trying to show off to his buddies by crapping out of his mouth. Great job, society.

The problem with the World Wide Interwebs these days is that there are scams and nudity everywhere. The Internet provides us with “scamudity”: scams and nudity. Pretty much every 12- or 13-year-old these days has a Facebook account. There are ads on the side of Facebook that feature some type of scandalous woman inviting users to “meet hot singles today.” Now, I’d like to think that my 12-year-old son would like to meet hot singles at some point in his future, but he should wait a while and not do it online, where he may meet some creepy 40-year-old man. Great job, society.

Our youth: the key to our future, the gateway to a civilized society. Have you seen these little punks lately? They roam the streets destroying things and respecting no one, as if the world were a post-apocalyptic garbage land, like Mad Max, beyond the thunder-dome or not. They went from boxing each other to UFC fighting, from soapbox derby racing to full speed chicken races in stolen cars. Next step: fights to the death. Great job, society.

And finally, the most serious one: college campuses. The kids in college today are animals. Even at higher institutions of learning like the University, there are “young adults” drinking too much, abusing drugs left and right, fornicating everywhere and burning things to the ground. They are being unsafe; turning what they think is a social life into a spiral staircase that leads to their demise. We have to take a stand and stop this life that college students lead. Disallow all parties, raid the entire campus and eradicate Greek Life forever. Great job, society.

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