Bonnaroo 2012 boasts great artists

By Juliet Kelso

Staff Writer

Festivals have served as summertime guilty pleasures for music lovers since the Pythian Games at Delphi in Ancient Greece. They join characters from all walks of life, of foreign nations, by various modes and with different ideas. In a way, music festivals are culture festivals. No one can deny that a music festival would be an appropriate focus for an ethnographic study. Music festivals are about people, connected by a very human means of expression.

Bonnaroo is not an age-old tradition, nor does the crowd it draws each summer represent anywhere close to a majority of modern culture. The fact that fantastic performances are always guaranteed is what compelled Rolling Stone to crown Bonnaroo as the “Best Festival” and the “ultimate over-the-top summer festival” in 2008. With its origins in 2002, the festival is one of the newest in its class and maintains its original location of Manchester, Tenn. The annual lineup has created much media hype and has been the target of countless rumors since its founding. It’s no small wonder that this year is not an exception. This summer is stacked with both new and a few older supremely talented artists. Some artists performing at Bonaroo 2012 include Radiohead, Skrillex, Foster the People, Grouplove and The Shins.

Ticket sellers for the festival have already conducted two preliminary sales events and price levels three and four, the cheapest tickets, have sold out. Price level four  tickets were sold for $244.50. Tickets currently being sold cost $320 and can be purchased online. Don’t miss out on an incredible opportunity to experience musical excellence!

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