Video games wildly popular on campus

By Ashley Miller

Contributing Writer

Ever since the original Nintendo, people have been staying up all night in a desperate attempt to beat that one unbeatable level in video games. Recently, the systems have been becoming more advanced. Just a few years back, Wii revolutionized the video game industry with a new kind of controller, and a similar design will soon be released by Sony PlayStation.

Other developments like Xbox and PlayStation Live provide individuals with the capability to play against other gamers around the world via the internet. Gamers can also talk to each other using a headset.

“It enhances the game experience,” said Carter Wells ’14, who often trash-talks his opponents during military strategy games like Halo.

On campus, a large gamer population exists, and on weekend nights, students can always be found engrossed in video games on residence halls.

Most people just play video games for fun or recreation, but some get really into it, attending tournaments on campus. Gamers can also become obsessed with reaching a certain milestone or level.

KRAID, a video game club on campus, dedicates itself to providing an alternative to alcohol-based activities by gaming.

With so many different kinds of video games, which ones are college students playing?

“Halo Reach, of course,” Wells said, referring to the most recent sensational release. The latest in the Halo series was released on Sept. 14 and is based on a futuristic society in the midst of intergalactic civil war.

“Legend of Zelda. Or Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2,” Mark Sabbas ’14 said, naming his favorite video games.

Gamers must find a way to balance their love for video games and their academic and campus responsibilities.

“Video games do not get in the way of homework because you have to do your work first. Most of the time,” Sabbas said.

“I don’t play every day. I play, like, three hours on the weekend nights,” Wells said.

As long as video games do not interfere with schoolwork, they can certainly be a fun and mentally-stimulating pastime.

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