WVBU collaborates with Double Take Project

Jen Lassen

Arts & Life Editor

WVBU, the University’s radio station is working with Christina Cody ’12 to add to her senior project entitled “The Double Take Project.”

Cody, a theatre major, began her Double Take project with the idea of “theatre for social change.” She arranges and conducts interviews with students from the department of theatre and dance; these students then discuss a new topic every week. All related to the University, topics range from students’ perspective of the University’s social scene to Bison pride.

With the help of WVBU Station Manager Alex Alam ’12, every Monday through Friday at 2 p.m. WVBU broadcasts a different interview from one of these students. 

“I saw this project and thought maybe I could help with it. I really wanted to get people’s actual words out, and that’s exactly what this project does,” Alam said.

All interviews are kept anonymous; no names are broadcasted on the air.

“I want to get people thinking about what happens on campus–-good and bad,” Alam said.

So far, both WVBU and Cody have received positive feedback for the project.

“I think Bucknell students would love to share their thoughts. We all have so much pride and love our school, so it’s great that people can share their experiences this way,” Julia Goldman ’15 said.

“Although there’s some confusion about what the project is, people seem to like it and think that it’s a really cool idea,” Alam said.

The most important thing is that students on campus are talking, not only about this project, but about the issues it addresses. Even though the topics are ones that walk the fine line of becoming social taboos, WVBU and Cody have made a concerted effort to make sure that what is being said is honest and real.

“I love this project because it takes a little bit of something from everyone. Every story affects me, too. [The project] definitely has changed my opinions about things, and I’ve gained new perspectives throughout the process … you can’t have one without the other,” Alam said.

And with campus climate a major topic of discussion, it’s good to recognize that everybody has something to say or a perspective to offer, and they deserve to be heard.

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