Saying Goodbye

By Siobhan Murray


Chief and founder of the University’s Department of Public Safety Jason Friedberg will step down from his position at the end of this semester. After leading the Department of Public Safety for six years, Friedberg will leave to work for Visium Global, the company he started that specializes in security and security technology consulting services for higher education.

He will work with the University in a national search to find the next chief of the Department of Public Safety.
“I truly believe that the Public Safety department Bucknell has is unmatched by any private liberal arts campus in the United States,” Friedberg said. “The officers are dedicated and well-trained and the department as a whole is supported well by the administration.”
Before serving at this university, Friedberg was Associate Director and Captain at Franklin & Marshall College for three years. Friedburg has roughly 20 years of experience in security and law enforcement.
“While Bucknell has been an outstanding partner in the growth of safety and security on campus, I felt that I would be able to effect change on the national landscape in higher education in a more meaningful and timely manner through the efforts of Visium Global and therefore made the decision to leave Bucknell,” Friedberg said.
Before, the Public Safety Department was comprised of about seven unarmed officers without basic security technology or reporting-tracking software. Friedman transformed the department into a fully operational, full response law enforcement and security agency.
In addition to looking for Friedberg’s successor, the Department of Public Safety will continue to remain as present as ever on campus. This will involve engaging the campus by working with groups such as Bucknell Student Government (BSG), the Interfraternity Council, faculty and staff to improve town-gown relations. Public Safety also looks to leverage security techonology on campus to create a safer and more secure campus. Public Safety has outlined the security needs for the newly constructed areas of the campus.
The University will work to “maintain the bucolic feel of Bucknell while still providing the security needed to keep the campus safe,” Friedberg said.
“I think [Friedberg] has done a great job of strengthening relationships with both BSG and The Bucknellian, and I am sure his successor will do the same,” BSG President Sara Girmay ’14 said.
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