CDC educates students through video platform

By Jason Pepe

Contributing Writer

The Career Development Center recently started using a new resource which will further prepare students to find the right job after graduation. The service is called CareerSpots Videos, a video platform that features 50 short videos that provide relevant career advice to students.

Using the information and testimonies from leading recruiters across the country, the videos cover topics such as resume help, interview tips, proper business attire, networking and how to properly utilize social media. Many universities including Princeton, MIT and Northwestern also use the platform.

CareerSpots Videos has been online with the University since General Electric offered to sponsor their videos for the CDC. As a result, General Electric is featured with an Employer Channel, which is a new initiative offered by CareerSpots. This allows students who are interested in working for GE to find out more detailed information about the company, such as current internship and job opportunities, contact information and company-specific links.
GE has also produced its own videos that help to provide additional information about GE, one of which is entitled, “Is GE Right for You?” and goes on to list certain traits that GE looks for in its candidates. CareerSpots is currently working to feature more employers on the Employer Channel who want to specifically target University students.
Brittany Rendell ’12, an intern for CareerSpots Videos, said that every week more students are turning towards CareerSpots. It has also proven to be beneficial in her own experience.
“I have used CareerSpots Videos before and they have been extremely helpful, especially when I was just getting started with the job process,” Rendell said. “The videos are short and to the point and they offer so many suggestions, it’s hard not to pass up.”

CareerSpots Videos are available as a free resource to all University students through the Career Development Center. They can be found on the University’s Experience Job Board, on every main page of the CDC website and through the CDC’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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