Lewisburg's finest pizzerias reviewed

By Jack Wiles

Staff Writer

You like pizza. I know this not because of the high percentage of people in America who love pizza, but because I just manufactured your opinion. Pizza is your lifeblood, your reason for existence and your passion. Because of this, I will be pitting all three downtown pizza parlors against each other in a battle of taste, flavor and mind. This is the LCDP, the Lewisburg Competition of Downtown Pizza.

In beginning my analysis of these establishments, I will move from east to west down Market Street. First at bat is Pizza Phi. This is a relatively new restaurant that has worked very hard to get its name out, and, I might say, with much success. Generally, their pies tend to be on the thinner, crispier side. The people that work there are extremely nice, however they tend to be slow when dining in due to the high number of deliveries they put out. The best part of Pizza Phi is the sandwiches. There is a good mix of specialty subs that really put them on the map. Like, dude, for real, these babies kick it real hard.

Next up is the illustrious Casa de Pizza. For those of you speaking German out there, this means the House of Pizza. This is where the Earl of Pizza crafts his pies. I would say that this is probably the cheapest option out there, which is a major plus, and a great place to stop in and grab a quick slice. Their style involves a little thicker crust than Pizza Phi, with a sweeter sauce and a bigger restaurant to boot. The best qualities of this place are their quick slices and classic college-pizza feel inside.

Vennari’s is our last stop. I’ve never met Vennari, but I bet he’s a cool dude. Here, the pizza comes in an even thicker crust with probably the best sauce downtown. It always comes out piping hot, just as I like it. The location is equal to Casa de Pizza, which is very close to Sixth Street, a much easier and more walkable location than Pizza Phi. The biggest downfall of Vennari’s is the service. I don’t want to blast anyone here, but the people are normally not nice and your food will take a fortnight to come out.

With all of this being said, one of the most important functions a downtown pizza place can serve is as a pregame spot. To be honest, all three of these places are great, but in determining which of these restaurant is best, the ability to BYOB is a crucial factor. Casa de Pizza may actually be the best restaurant, but sorry dudes, you’ve been eliminated. This leaves Pizza Phi and Vennari’s. When it comes down to it, the location, quality of pizza and most inviting BYOB capability of Vennari’s give it the win. Thanks for letting me drink at your place, Vennari’s; you’ve got my vote.

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