Student art exhibition offers creative, multi-faceted works

By Michelle Reed
Contributing Writer

Nothing feels better than unveiling a semester’s worth of hard work.

On Friday, April 13, four University seniors presented the 28th Annual Student Art Exhibition in the Samek Art Gallery. The students had been working on the exhibit for the entire year.

The Student Art Exhibition features art by Christina Huang ’12, Cara Poli ’12, Samantha Lajterman ’12 and Hannah Roman ’12. The works on display utilize a variety of artistic mediums, ranging from printmaking to sculpture, photography and more.

The student artists discussed their work and answered questions about their final projects, art education and art in general in a panel that took place before the opening of the exhibition.

Huang said her project was largely inspired by a Posse Plus Retreat in her junior year.

“My senior project ended up being about interracial and LGBT couples, and how they’ve integrated into our community,” Huang said.

Like Huang, Poli chose to do a project that explores an important issue. Her series, “Natural Reactions,” investigates the relationship between humans and the environment.

“I created my own sculptures using natural materials and photographed them,” Poli said. “Then I would wait for a period of time and go back to document the changes that occurred.”

When asked about the importance of art, Roman emphasized the power of art as an avenue to relay ideas.

“I think it’s all about communication,” Roman said. “Not everything can be communicated with language.”

Poli talked about the importance of determination and imagination.

“Find something that you want to say, and if you have the creativity, you can find a way to pull it off,” Poli said.

The Student Exhibition, “Progress in Works,” will be open until May 2.




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