Lewisburg offers many summer opportunities

By Molly Brown


With the school year winding down, I hear many conversations from students about their plans for the summer. The common consensus of giddy delight that students will have no work is short-lived for those pursuing internships or intensive jobs, but most students are chomping at the bit to leave Lewisburg for their homes or vacation destinations. I was asked if I would ever spend a summer in Lewisburg the other day, and my affirmative response brought shock from my peers. I would definitely spend one of my summers in Lewisburg. Here’s why.

Firstly, Lewisburg is adorable. I would love to see the downtown neighborhood with all of the shops, the park, the cafes and the local music scene in the summer. I imagine there are festivals in the park, and concerts, and I could really see the town from a sort of non-student perspective. During the school year, everywhere is inundated with students and we’ve acquired a sort of reputation among the townies. I’d want to see what it was like, a day in the life of a summer in Lewisburg. I’d wake up early, go for a walk, eat some breakfast somewhere and probably do some writing for the morning and early afternoon. Lewisburg is quiet, yes, but that doesn’t need to be a hindrance. Lewisburg’s the sort of town that you can write a book in Cherry Alley and no one will bother you, no matter how long you stay. Then I’d take a nap. Afterwards, I know I would deplete most of savings going to the Campus Theatre. Finally, I’d befriend a townie so they’d grant me access to their porch, because, in my book, no summer is complete without a porch.

I might even consider taking a course or two to get ahead, but that wouldn’t alter my vision from above too drastically. I know many students pursue summer courses here at the University for a variety of reasons, and I do think it would be interesting to try out some time. Mostly, people wonder if I would grow bored. I honestly don’t think I would. I love small towns. I’d probably seek ways to recreate a “Dandelion Wine”esque summer for myself, and I would definitely read the book again (you should, too). I’m really interested in getting to know the people of Lewisburg, the ones who’ve lived here for a long time. I love learning about people: their stories, what they do, what they like to read, what they don’t like to read, stories about their children, anything. I would continue going to Scrabble on Tuesday nights … in fact, I’m going to be really upset when I cannot for the whole summer. I would try and do whatever I could to go beyond a typical student’s perception of Lewisburg to attempt to understand it beyond its appearance of a sleepy little place with nothing to do. I think it’d be the makings of some great stories to tell my friends when they return in the fall.

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