Non-varsity weight room refurbished

By Allie Mongan

Contributing Writer

The non-varsity weight room in the Kenneth G. Langone Athletics and Recreation Center was refurbished with several new weight machines and equipment in addition to a new sound system last summer. Bucknell Student Government (BSG) has been working since January on the project.

The initial request for the project came from the Bucknell Student Government with the help of former President Brian C. Mitchell, associate director of Athletics and Facilities & Event Operations Mike McFarland, the athletic department and various students. The weight room had not seen a major update since the 1990s and students and faculty felt it was time for a facelift.

“I wanted to do something to contribute to the campus and I saw this as a good project to push in order to do just that,” said BSG Vice President of Finance Matthew Goll ’12.

After the initial plan proposition last January, BSG proposed to restore the room and make it a much more updated place for students to work out.

Though the rest of the KLARC is in good condition, the non-varsity weight room was in a very poor state, BSG said. Machines were missing parts, weights had holes in them and many of the leather benches were ripped and torn. The missing pieces and dilapidated material inconvenienced gym patrons and caused the condition of the room to be seen as dangerous to student lifters.

The renovation process started when President Mitchell and the Athletics Subcommittee of the Board of Trustees agreed to the change last semester. Mike McFarland and the athletics department were then brought in to help with the planning and designing of the new room.

With BSG and athletics pushing the issue from two different sides and viewpoints, the process was considered a major priority.

Some students were asked for their input about what kinds of updates they felt the room needed and what students would find most useful. Over the summer, the different parties continued communication and the new non-varsity weight room is the result.

The room has newer benches, free weights, kettle balls and machines.

Another well-received addition to the weight room are the “surround sound speakers … rather than the small little stereo in the corner that routinely skipped,” Howard Smith ’11 said.

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