Fall fashion trends sweep campus

By Maggie Schneiderman

Contributing Writer

Temperatures may have been floating around the 70-degree mark lately, but with October here and fall officially started, fall clothes are emerging at the front of everyone’s closets.

This season, there’s more to look forward to than just cozy sweaters and warm boots. Expect this fall’s looks to be a happy medium between the classic and the creative, in a very wearable way. Many stores popular among students as well as high-end designers have been setting and adopting some of this fall’s hottest trends.

Good news for those of you who appreciate the minimalist tendencies of recent designs: those trends are going to carry over into fall 2010 with some new twists. The fall runways were inundated with looks that epitomized conservative glamour, so there’s no question the recession has left a lasting mark on fashion. For over a year, designers have had to adjust to changes in the demand from shoppers, and the minimalistic look was reintroduced.

This fall, the same put-together, but not over-the-top, undertones remain. The reemergence of luxury on the runways this season was approached from a savvier angle.  This season there were no overt, in-your-face jewels, as stylists attempted a more subtle return to quality and classic style. Quality is now in the value of clothes, the notion that these are staples, and are pieces that have real staying power. Camel coats and knits are expected to be a fall essential. Classic cashmere tops, warm jumpers, tights, a good boot, textured flats: These items have stamina and are sure to be appreciated long after fall 2010.

Another trend popping up in retailers like J. Crew and Urban Outfitters is the eccentric ladylike. This trend focuses on mixing patterns and classic feminine pieces. Embellished cardigans with pops of color are in fall look books all over. Models are shown subtly incorporating two patterns in one outfit, and the way to wear color this fall is simply head-to-toe. Bright pieces are emerging as the weather changes. Expect to see some of your favorite feminine essentials made with a fun twist for fall.

Go west, young woman … or at least go outside. According to Harpers Bazaar, that was the message ringing from several runways. Models appeared adventurous and outdoorsy on the runway.  Flannels in rich colors and styles, a cool-weather favorite, will be proving their vitality this season. Belted jackets, trenches and vests are expected to be making a mark in stores as the weather gets cooler. These pieces, usually reserved for outerwear purposes, could very well be seen more and more as apart of the outfit itself, in great fall colors, paired with a classic boot or tapered jean.

Skinny jeans and leggings will continue to be popular this fall, and you can expect to see many individuals on campus sporting this popular and ongoing trend. “I’ll be wearing leggings a lot as the weather gets cooler, and of course, skinny jeans are going to be one of my staples this fall,” said Leigh Hillman ’13.

Fall accessories will also be a popular trend this fall, as they are well-priced and long lasting pieces. “This fall I’ll be wearing a lot of scarves, boots and the occasional legging. This year I’ll probably be adding more hats to my fall selection,” said Liz Ziebarth ’14.

The take-home message this autumn is not to be afraid to update classics, mix trends, introduce the old to the new and be a little daring with color. As the weather changes, so do our wardrobes and outfits, in the best, classically eclectic and subtly bold ways.

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